5-Min Barbell Chest Workout: Build Strong and Toned Pecs

What’s up, FitGAG readers! Today, we’re going to do an intense chest workout with barbells together. This five-minute chest workout was designed to increase the size and strength of your chest using just one barbell.

This workout can be done to finish a tough workout, or you can do multiple sets to give your chest a hard exercise!

Total Length: 5 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: Barbell

Experience Level


Do this exercise three times. After each workout, rest for three minutes and do it again.


Complete this exercise four times. Recover after each workout for two minutes, and then repeat.


Perform this exercise four times. After each workout, rest for one minute, and then repeat.

5-Minutes Barbell Chest Workout

Complete each exercise for 60 seconds, then switch to the next one without stopping. If you require breaks, have one!

Every time you complete this circuit, make sure to perform more reps, add the weight or take fewer breaks.

#1 Standing Alternating Landmine Fly


  • Attach the barbell to an attachment for a landmine in a corner. Still, you could also secure the top of the bar by placing it on the ground to the side in front of the barbell.
  • Take a standing posture and place your feet comfortably in position.
  • Grab the barbell’s top using your left hand, keeping your arm straight.
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  1. The barbell should be brought out toward one side until the hand level the shoulder.
  2. Engage your chest to raise the barbell back to the starting position.
  3. Change hands, repeat!

#2 Standing Alternating Press


  • Make sure the barbell is secured in a landmine-like position.
  • Stand up by putting your feet into a relaxed position.
  • Grab the barbell’s top with your right hand while keeping your arm should be straight.


  1. Flex your elbow to let the barbell move toward your shoulder.
  2. Press your chest with your hands to pull the dumbbell upwards until you reach the starting point.
  3. Reverse hands. Repeat!

#3 1-Arm Standing Upward Fly


  • Take a stand parallel to the barbell (secured in the landmine position) using your legs comfortably.
  • Grab the barbell using your right hand, facing your palm upwards.


  1. Keep your arm straight, tighten your chest and bring the barbell towards the ceiling and slightly to the side of your body.
  2. Return slowly to the beginning position.
  3. Reverse arms and switch arms!

#4 Standing Landmine Press


  • Make sure the barbell is secured to a landmine that has been set up.
  • Stand up with your feet in a comfortable position.
  • Take hold of the barbell’s top with both hands while keeping your arms should be straight.


  1. Relax your elbows and raise the barbell’s upper part toward your chest.
  2. Press your chest to push the barbell into the starting position.
  3. Repeat!

#5 Wide Grip Floor Press


  • Lay on your back, and then grab the barbell, with your palms facing towards the front and your hands are wider than your shoulders.
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  1. Squeeze your chest to pull the barbell up.
  2. Slowly pull the barbell until your elbows parallel the floor.
  3. Repeat!


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