5-Minutes Chest Workout At Home: Bodyweight Chest Exercises

FitGAG readers, what’s up! We are going to do an intense chest workout together at home today. This chest workout at home takes just 5 minutes and is meant to increase your strength and size.

You can do this routine as a hard finisher or multiple sets to get a full chest workout.

Total Length: 5 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: No equipment required

Experience Level


Perform this exercise three times. After each workout, take a break for three minutes and then return to the beginning.


Perform this workout four times. After each workout, take 2 minutes to rest and then return to the routine.


Perform this workout four times. After each workout, take a minute to rest and then return to the routine.

5-Minutes Chest Workout At Home

Each of the following exercises should be completed in 60 seconds. Then, transition to the next exercise with no rest. Take a break if you feel the need.

Try to increase the number of reps or take fewer breaks each time you complete this circuit.

#1 Pushups Side-To-Side


  • Stand in a push-up position, with your hands slightly wider than your shoulders.


  1. Lower your body slowly to one side, and let your other arm straighten.
  2. Next, press upwards to repeat the motion on the opposite side.
  3. Keep switching sides!
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#2 Push-Ups For Hands


  • Stand shoulder-width apart on a raised surface like a bench or chair.
  • Bend your knees forward and straighten your back.


  1. Lower your body so that your lower chest touches the elevated surface.
  2. Keep your lower chest contracted until your arms are fully extended.
  3. Repeat!

#3 Inverse Grip Push-Up


  • Stand in a push-up position, with your fingers pointed towards your toes.


  1. Lower your body so that your chest touches the floor.
  2. To push upwards, contract your upper chest of yours.
  3. Repeat!

#4 Push-Up Hold


  • Start by putting your hands under your shoulders and keeping your core engaged.


  1. Slowly lower your body so that your arms are at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Keep this position for as long as possible. If you cannot hold the position for 60 seconds, lower your feet and do another exercise.

#5 Pec Crusher


  • Stand in a stable position.
  • Place your elbows in front of you so your forearms are as close as possible.


  1. Press your chest together, and then straighten your arms. Ensure that your forearms are together throughout the exercise.
  2. Return to the original position by bending your elbows, and then repeat!


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