4-Min Tabata Forearm Workout with Bodyweight Exercises

What’s up, FitGAG readers? We will be doing a Tabata forearm workout that takes just 4 minutes. Here’s how to make your forearms larger!

A high-intensity interval training, Tabata, will help you burn calories faster and gain more muscle.

This workout will help you build the classic Popeye forearms. All you need for this workout is an open area and your body weight. Let’s make these gains together from the comfort of our own homes!

Total Length: 4 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: No equipment required

Experience Level


Perform the following video workout four times, and then rest for two minutes and fifteen seconds between each.


Perform the following video workout five times. Then, take a break for one minute and thirty seconds between each.


Perform the following video workout five times and rest for 45 seconds between each.

4-Minute Tabata Forearm Workout At Home

Find a spot in an open area to start. Each of the following exercises should be performed for 20 seconds at high intensity. After 10 seconds, take a break and then move on to the next exercise.

You should complete the exercises in a circular format. You’ll complete the four forearm exercises within the circuit. After you finish them, go back to the original exercise and repeat the 2010 interval.

Do two rounds of each of the four exercises to complete a full circuit. Take a break if you need it! You can do more reps or take fewer breaks each time you complete this circuit.

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#1 Rear Roasters


  • Take a comfortable standing position.
  • Keep your back straight and lean forward. Then, extend your arms away from your sides.


  1. Place your palms inwardly and make a fist with your hands so that your knuckles point downwards.
  2. Next, move your wrist back as far and as quickly as possible. Then, return to the original position.
  3. Tension Keep your fists tightened throughout the motion.
  4. Repeat!

#2 Frontal Fryers


  • Take a comfortable standing position.
  • Straighten your arms straight to your sides, so your elbows parallel your floor. Make sure you squeeze your hands into a fist and face your palms.


  1. Turn your palms down so that your forearms contract.
  2. Return to the beginning position and continue!

#3 Push Spreads


  • Take a comfortable standing position.
  • Place your hands in a prayer position. Press your heels together with both hands.


  1. Spread your upper arms apart by contracting your forearms.
  2. Push your bottoms together to create tension. Return to your starting position and continue!

#4 Blasters


  • Take a comfortable standing position.
  • Spread your arms out from your sides, and reach behind your body.


  1. Place your palms backward, your fingers spread out as far as you can, and contract your forearms so that your fingers reach back.
  2. Spread your fingers out for tension. Return to the original position and continue!


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