Body Beast Bulk Arms: Essential Workout for Stronger Arms

We’re going to focus on the body beast bulk arms today. This program was created by the same colleagues that continue to offer the P90X muscle-building training activities. Within three months of training, Body Beast Bulk Arms hopes to gain up to twenty pounds of muscle.

Body Beast Bulk Arms Workout

This Body Beast Bulk Arms workout includes a warm-up, 7 sets of the main workout, a Single Set for triceps, a Progressive Set for biceps, a Single Set for triceps, a Force Set for biceps, a Progressive Set for triceps, a Progressive Set for biceps, a Progressive Set for triceps, a Progressive Set for triceps, and a Single Set for Abs.

The Aim is Getting Ripped

However, you also want to increase your strength. Success is possible if you are willing to commit to at least six days of training each week.

So, before we get into the meat of this post, let’s go over how long the Body Beast bulk arms exercise lasts and what equipment you’ll need.

Aim Of Body Beast Bulk Arms

Training must be targeted in order to bulk up the arms, including biceps and triceps.

And, in order to do this, the weight trainer must be diligent in his approach to training, not skipping a single session.

Exercises You Could Perform In Body Beast Bulk Arms

Sagi Kalev emphasizes that in order to bulk up the arms, you must perform what he refers to as progressive sets. You’ll start the program with low weights.

However, these will be lifted at high rep counts. The weight you’re lifting will rise as you get closer to finishing three sets. However, the rep count will, luckily, decrease. You can take a break when you’ve completed your third set. But hold on! You’re not finished yet! Because, guess what, you’re going to repeat the three-set cycle in reverse.

Your first progressive set will be a standing curl, in which you will curl your arms inwards towards your shoulders and then stretch them out again using only a curl bar or a set of dumbbells. A minimum of eight reps are necessary.

Pushing Yourself to the Challenge

You then go to what Sagi refers to as the force set. This is a high-intensity sequence of rep sets in which you will repeat the previous exercise until you are unable to do so any longer. Using the bar curl, you’ll eventually want to complete five sets of five repetitions each. The only problem is that you’ll be curling with a weight of up to 65 pounds.

Body Beast Bulk Arms Workout Plan

Body Beast Bulk Arms Workout Plan

If you’re just starting out, you’ll just do your bulk arms focus workouts once a week.

However, if you’re a skilled trainer who works out six days a week, you may do these sets twice or three times a week.

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It seems to reason that exercises should always be organized in order to create explosive outcomes within the three-month window period of scheduled or recommended training.

Body Beast Bulk Arms Single Set Structure

Body Beast Bulk Arms Review Workout Plan

Focus on completing no more than fifteen repetitions with modest weights. Following that, you might go to a medium weight while lowering the amount of reps to twelve. You finish your third set with only eight reps at a big weight.

While performing the exercise, maintain your chest high and your core tight as you stretch the weight up and down. Your arms will be the only thing moving in this action. When the arms are locked in a tight posture, the elbows must be stiff.

  • Lie on the bench with your head at one end.
  • Use an underhand grip on the barbell.
  • Extend your arms beyond your head while maintaining a straight line.
  • Only bend your elbows while carefully lowering and lifting the barbell.

Scheduling The Body Beast Bulk Arms Training

Body Beast Bulk Arms Review

You’ll find it much simpler to structure your exercises now that you’ve been provided user-friendly schedule sheets to work with. Yes, everything of this is included in the Body Beast Bulk Arms workout bundle.

Length Of Body Beast Bulk Arms Workout Program

Body Beast Bulk Arms Review Workout Program

This is potentially one of the most difficult sections of the entire curriculum. There doesn’t look to be any relief in sight for at least three months.

Because, well, consider this.

Unlike prior beginner programs, when you were only supposed to start with a minimum of three exercises per week (which was still quite a lot, depending on volumes and numbers), you are now expected to lift weights (with a much greater emphasis on the arms) six times per week.

That’s an incredible length of time!

However, each lifting session is only 45 minutes long.

Strictly speaking, that’s still a lot of training.

Finally, as previously said, the Body Beast bulk arms concentration workout program is supposed to be performed in no less than 35 minutes.

There isn’t much breathing time left for rest.

Speaking of which, you’re not even taking a break from your rest day since, once again, you need to incorporate a stretch routine into this crucial day.

So there you have it.

And then there’s this.

You must first ensure that you and your body are in good enough shape to commit to this demanding practice for three months straight.

Body Beast Bulk Arms Warm-up

This program’s warm-up session lasts around 2:30 minutes, and it is essential that you begin with it in order to stretch the muscles and prepare the muscle groups for the workout in order to maximize your results. You’ll begin with a short walk to get the blood flowing in your legs. Then you’ll move in and execute the ‘circular arms,’ first moving both arms forward and then backward. After you’ve finished these, grab a pair of light dumbbells and do a few basic bicep curls, hammer curls, and tricep extensions with one dumbbell. The warm-up concludes with high knee sprinting on the spot.

#1 Standing Curl | Progressive Set

Body Beast Bulk Arm Progressive Sets are structured as follows:

A set of 15 reps with light weight, quickly followed by no rest, a set of 12 reps with medium weight, quickly followed by no rest, and a set of 8 reps with heavy weight.

You will subsequently be given a little break.

After the rest, you repeat the set in reverse with no rest, thus 15 reps, 12 reps, and 8 reps.

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Standing bicep curls are a tried-and-true workout.

#2 Tricep Extenstion | Single Set

Body Beast Bulk Arm Single Sets are structured as follows:

A set of 15 repetitions with little weight, followed by a short break.

After that, you perform a set of 12 repetitions with medium weight, followed by a short break. You conclude with an 8-rep set with heavy weight.

If there is a Drop Set, as there is in this case, you immediately follow the last set with another set of 8 repetitions with less weight, with no rest.

Despite the fact that these Tricep Extensions have the same name as the Tricep Extension in Build: Chest and Tris, they are a completely distinct workout.

In contrast to those, you simply use one dumbbell and are sitting. Begin by sitting on the edge of the bench with the dumbbell on your knee, then swing it around your torso behind your head with both hands.

Keep your chest high and your core firm as you stretch the weight up and down with only your arms moving.

Throughout the movement, keep your elbows in place and your arms firm.

#3 Wide EZ Bar Curl | Force Set

Body Beast Bulk Arm Force Sets are structured such that you execute 5 sets of 5 repetitions with the same weight without ever putting the weight down.

Each set has a 5-10 second rest period when you must hold the weight aloft.

The Wide EZ Bar Curl is similar to a typical standing bicep curl, only we’re utilizing the EZ Bar Curl and holding the bar with a wide grip this time.

To feel the burn, make sure to concentrate on steadily lowering the bar.

#4 Skull Crusher | Single Set

This is a typical Single Set with a Drop Set at the conclusion.

This workout is identical to the Tricep Extensions we did in Build: Chest and Tris, only we’re using the EZ Curl Bar instead of a barbell.

Holding the bar with an overhand grip (knuckles facing you), lie down with your arms straight in the air.

For each rep, bring your hands to your brow and then back up.

During the exercise, squeeze your elbows against your chest to ensure that you are targeting your triceps rather than your chest.

I strongly advise using little weight for this exercise since if you lose control, the bar might fall straight on your head, which would be dangerous.

#5 Hammer Curl | Progressive Set

For this Body Beast Bulk Arms Progressive Set, we perform the complete progression up (15, 12, 8), with the right arm, and then immediately repeat with no rest on the left.

We then take a little break before beginning the reverse progression (8, 12, 15) on the right and finishing on the left.

For Hammer Curls, sit with your legs apart and the elbow of the arm supporting the weight inside your knee.

Then you execute Hammer Curls by bringing the weight up to your chin and holding it as if it were a hammer in your fist.

Throughout the exercise, keep your feet flat on the floor and your chest erect, without moving your elbow.

#6 Tricep Kickback | Progressive Set

For this Body Beast Bulk Arms Progressive Set, we execute the whole progression up (15, 12, 8), much like the Hammer Curls, with the right arm and then repeat immediately with no rest on the left.

After a little break, we begin the reverse progression (8, 12, 15) on the right and finish on the left.

The workout is the same as the Tricep Kickback exercise from Build Chest and Tris.

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#7 Weighted Crunch | Single Set

This Body Beast Bulk Arms Single Set is nothing more than a 30 second ab burnout.

We’ll be lying down on the bench with our feet flat on the seat for this maneuver.

Do 30 crunches while holding a light weight plate behind your head.

With the increased weight, this one truly burns.

Don’t Forget To Cool Down After The Body Beast Bulk Arms Workouts

It is critical that you allow your muscles to cool down for at least two minutes in order to maximize the slow healing of the muscle group that has just had a hard workout, which in this case would be the biceps and triceps.

Do not miss this since it will also aid with your blood flow before you begin anything else you will be doing during the day.

Body Beast Bulk Arms Review

During the Build Phase, there was no specialized arm workout; instead, we performed triceps with chest and biceps with back.

This workout is a lot of fun for me.

Because you are not working out major muscle groups, it is not as strenuous as some of the others.

However, towards the finish, your arms will be aching.

This Body Beast Bulk Arms is not like other Body Beast exercises where we divide the program in half and work one muscle group first, then the other.

Instead, we rotate between biceps and triceps in this exercise.

There are three Progressive Sets and one Force Set in this workout, therefore there are a lot of repetitions (461 Reps & 30 Seconds Of Ab Burnout)

Important Notes About Body Beast Bulk Arms

When doing these exercises, you must always be cautious so that you do not damage yourself when working with much greater weights for the first time.

You perform three sets, beginning with fifteen repetitions and working your way down to eight.

Begin with the right arm and work your way to the left, with no breaks in between.

However, once you’ve exercised both arms, you may take a little break before continuing the cycle in reverse.

You’ll be sat here once more.

Legs are split apart, with the elbow resting on the inside of the knee and the weight supported on the inside of the knee.

The weight is then raised to your chin.

Feet must remain level on the floor, with the chest lifted.

The elbow is not permitted to move at any point throughout this workout.


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