5-Min Home Bodyweight Middle Abs Workout: Get Toned Abs

FitGAG readers, what’s up! We will do an intense rectus abdominus exercise today.

The scientific name for your core or ab is the rectus abdominis. While we only have one ab muscle, some exercises can optimizely contract the upper, middle, or lower abs.

This intense ab workout will take just five minutes and target the middle of your abs.

Find a spot on the ground that is comfortable in an open area. For 5 minutes, continue following the exercises below to strengthen your rectus abdominis.

Total Length: 5 Minutes

Intensity: High

Equipment: No equipment required

Experience Level


Perform this exercise three times. After each workout, take a break for three minutes and then return to the beginning.


Perform this workout four times. After each workout, take 2 minutes to rest and then return to the routine.


Perform this workout four times. After each workout, take a minute to rest and then return to the routine.

5-Minutes Middle Ab Workout At Home

Each of the following exercises should be completed in 60 seconds. Then, transition to the next exercise with no rest. Take a break if you feel the need.

Try to increase the number of reps or take fewer breaks each time you complete this circuit.

#1 C-Sit Hold


  • Sit straight ahead in a seated position.
  • To balance, raise your feet about 1-2 feet above the ground and extend your arms straight out.
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  1. Focus your tension on your middle abs, and keep it there.

#2 Suitcase


  • Lay on your back, with your arms raised above your head and your legs straight out in front.
  • Lift your feet off the ground.


  1. As you contract your abs, extend your arms outward and bring your legs towards you. Touch your middle toes.
  2. Return to the beginning position and continue!

#3 Mid Crunchers


  • Lay on your back, bent knees down, and your feet slightly above the ground.
  • Support your head by placing your hands on your back.


  1. Engage your middle abs and bring your elbows up.
  2. As you go down, raise your elbows and keep your knees farther away from your body.
  3. Repeat!

#4 Touch & Go


  • Lay on your back, with your legs bent in an elevated position.
  • Lift your arms straight up in the air.


  1. Engage your middle abs and lean forward. Then, reach up with your hands. Straighten your legs in front of yourself as you reach up.
  2. Pull your abs up at the top and return to the original position.
  3. Repeat!

#5 Busters


  • Lay on your back, with your legs straight ahead.
  • Lift your shoulders off the ground by hovering your legs above it.
  • Support your head by placing your hands behind it.


  1. Keep your legs above the ground and perform alternating flutter kicks. You can also rotate your upper body from side to side.
  2. Keep moving and keep kicking!


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