Body Beast Bulk Shoulders: Must-Try for Stronger Shoulders

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders targets all three shoulder heads: the anterior (front), medial (side), and posterior (rear) deltoids.

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders will last around 35 minutes and will require the use of a bench or stability ball as well as weights.

You may also use your EZ curl bar if you have one.

I still use my Orbus adjustable dumbbells since the weights are so easy to shift out and in.

Overview Of Body Beast Bulk Shoulders

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders uses Progressive Sets and Super Sets to work all three of your deltoid muscles.

There are no trap isolation exercises in this program, although they are quite important at this point because they are worked in many of the other exercises.

Working out my shoulders usually hurts the most for me, and the burn starts in the midst of the first set and lasts until you stretch at the conclusion.

By the time you’re done with this beast, raising your arms will be sheer misery.

There are 303 repetitions total, with 60 seconds of ab burnout.

The Exercises Of Body Beast Bulk Shoulders

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders

This exercise begins with a warm-up and continues with 5 sets of the primary workout, a Progressive Set, another, a Super Set Progressive Set, another Super Set and a final Super Set.

Warm-Up Of Body Beast Bulk Shoulders

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Review

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders warm up is one of the longest at nearly 3 minutes, which is still incredibly short for a warm up, but that appears to be Sagi’s way.

There’s a lot of weighted workout in addition to the typical running and arm circles.

Very beneficial because the shoulders are a complex muscle area that has to be warmed up gradually before you start blasting them to bits.

You’ll perform light weight arm lifts, shoulder presses, upright rows, and reverse flyes.

It’s a good exercise in and of itself, and it definitely gets you ready for what’s to follow.

#1 Super Set | Lateral Raise & Arnold Press

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Super Sets are as follows:

15 reps with light weight of exercise 1, no break, 15 reps with light weight of activity 2, and then a short break.

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Then you perform a set of 12 reps with medium weight of exercise 2, no break, followed by a set of 12 reps with medium weight of exercise 2, followed by a short break.

You end with a set of 8 repetitions with heavy weight of exercise 1, followed by a set of 8 reps with heavy weight of exercise 2 with no break in between.

If there is a Drop Set, you will execute another set of 8 repetitions of that exercise straight after the previous one, with no break, using less weights.

In this scenario, the Drop Set is performed on the Arnold Press.

The Lateral Raises are the same ones we did in Build Shoulders, so look back there for a more detailed description of the workout.

The Arnold Press, named after Sagi’s idol, is a new move in this program.

To begin, sit erect on the bench with the dumbbells on your knees.

Then, using an underhand grip, kick the weights up from your knees to directly under your chin (knuckles facing out).

Then, for each repetition, press the weights up over your head while twisting the weights so you finish up in an overhand grip (knuckles facing in) at the top of the rep, then reverse and bring them back to the beginning.

These are a small variation on the traditional shoulder press, but they are more difficult, so choose weights appropriately.

#2 Progressive Set | Upright Row

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Progressive Sets are structured as follows:

A set of 15 reps with light weight, followed immediately by no rest, a set of 12 reps with medium weight, followed immediately by no rest, and a set of 8 reps with heavy weight.

You will subsequently be given a little respite.

After the rest, you repeat the set in reverse with no rest, thus 15 reps, 12 reps, and 8 reps.

The workout is the same as the EZ Curl Bar Upright Rows from Build Shoulders.

#3 Super Set | Alt. Front Raise & Plate Twist-Twist

There is no Drop Set in this Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Super Set, and each Plate Twist-Twist set is 10 repetitions (so no 15, 12, 8 for that exercise).

Begin the Alternating Front Raise by sitting erect on the bench with your dumbbells by your sides.

Then, with one arm, perform a front raise by raising the dumbbell in front of you to eye level (arm straight) while maintaining your arm extended (not bent).

Return that arm to the starting position and repeat on the other side.

Each two-rep set counts as one rep. Drop the dumbbells and grab one of the weighted plates (that you use with the EZ Curl Bar) from the ground for the Plate Twist-Twist right after you finish the set of Alternating Front Raises.

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Begin with your arms outstretched, holding the plate down by your lap like a steering wheel. Raise the plate with your arms straight ahead, keeping your arms outstretched.

Then, twist the plate to the left, as if you were turning your automobile left, and then to the right, bringing it back down.

In each set, repeat that exercise for a total of 10 reps.

#4 Progressive Set | Reverse Fly

Here’s our second Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Progressive Set of the day, and be prepared to be humiliated by the finish, as these Reverse Flys get virtually difficult.

Set up your bench with an inclination. Hug the bench with your legs while resting your chest on it (same position as Dumbbell Scap Traps from Build: Shoulders).

Open your arms to 180 degrees on your sides while holding dumbbells in your hands.

During the exercise, keep your elbows slightly bent.

As the name implies, this is a reverse chest fly that hits your back delts.

#5 Super Set | Superman Stretch and Plank Twist-Twist

In this Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Super Set, we do 10 Superman Stretches, then a 30 second burnout of Plank Twist-Twist without a break .

After a short pause, we perform another round of 10 Superman Stretches, followed by a 30 second burnout of Plank Twist-Twists to finish the main exercise.

Begin the Superman Stretch by assuming the Cat Stretch posture (on the floor with your knees under your hips and your hands under your shoulders).

Then, for every rep, elevate one arm in front of you and the opposing foot in behind.

Both your arm and leg might be the same height.

One rep is completed by doing each side once. This truly focuses on your lower back.

Begin in plank position, with your feet together, for the Plank Twist-Twist. Then, while twisting your body, draw your knee in towards the opposite elbow.

However, do not bring the knee all the way to the elbow; instead, bring it in halfway and return to plank.

Repeat on the opposite side.

This should be a quick move, so try to get some momentum going.

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Cooldown

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Reviews

Stretch your arms, lats, and shoulders for one minute. It’s over in a flash!

This is the only Body Beast Bulk Shoulders workout that does not contain the 5 sets of 5 reps force set session.

I believe since the shoulders are such a tiny and delicate muscle group, Sagi thought that putting such a blitz into the mix would over-train them.

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I enjoy striking the shoulders.

This is an excellent program for strengthening all three of your deltoid heads.


Body Beast Bulk Shoulders Review


Body Beast Bulk Shoulders are completed.

This is a fantastic exercise. 35 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down.

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders require resistance, which is best provided by dumbbells, an EZ Curl bar, or a barbell.

You may do the full workout with only dumbbells.

Although one person is utilizing the stability ball as a bench, a bench is necessary.

Again, not recommended in my opinion.

Body Beast Bulk Shoulders, like the Chest / Tris exercise, makes use of super sets, drop sets, and progressive sets.

Along with Arnold Press and upright rows, other lateral raise variants are included. The exercise concludes with plank and ab training.

This is an excellent workout, and I was drenched in sweat at the finish.

That’s a positive signal.

Now that I know what weights to use, I believe I will be able to push myself even harder the next time I complete this program.

The goal is to begin a 2-week schedule of Body Beast exercises on Monday, followed by a more official round with vitamins, etc. on July 30th.

The cause for the delay is due to a change in the travel itinerary.

Anyway, after three Body Beast Bulk Shoulders exercises, I am convinced that I will like this program and achieve fantastic results.

The presentation is highly professional, the music is heavy metal inspired and great, and Sagi Kalev sometimes has a decent sense of humor.


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