Brenda Song Plastic Surgery: Double Eyelid Operation?

Find all the details about Crazy Rich Asians’ rejection of Brenda Song plastic surgery procedure, including the double eyelid surgery. Check out her before and after the changes.

Everybody’s face changes as time passes. We’ve all witnessed those. We now see a change in appearance. However, for celebs, whether or not the changes are due to age or not is subject to speculation, and the fans will never stop talking about the subject.

When a celebrity actor or musician appears to be unique in a way, it’s not long before rumors begin to circulate that they’ve had cosmetic changes or that something completely out of the normal happened.

There are occasions when you see them openly addressing their accomplishments, but they’re not required to address the issue.

Brenda Song, an extremely skilled American actress, is the latest topic of internet rumors.

Brenda Song Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Double Eyelid Operation?

We’re conscious of the reality that London Tipton was one of the first insanely wealthy Asians; however, the actress who was her character, Brenda Song, claimed she was told that she was not Asian enough to get a chance to audition to be in the film.

The allegations have raised several questions about Brenda’s fairness in being dismissed due to her professional background and appearance.

At the time, it’s been questioned whether she’s deliberately tried to “look less Asian” through double-eyelid plastic surgery.

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To be clear, Brenda has never admitted that she had undergone a double eyelid operation. There is no evidence that she had an operation to alter what appears to be her eyes.

However, Her eyes appear to have completely different shapes over the last few years, although this could be explained by how she started applying her makeup differently.

According to the Instagram handles @celebrityplastics, she likely has undergone the procedure to tone down her face, particularly fillers. But she hasn’t commented on the allegations. Secret Obsession actress has never been questioned about these allegations, which makes them unlikely to be true.

Brenda claimed that the reason why she could not perform the audition was due to Brenda’s “image.” In the interview she did with Teen Vogue, she explained:

I told them, ‘This role is for a woman in her late-to- the mid-20s, she’s an Asian American, and I cannot apply for this role. I’ve auditioned for Caucasian roles throughout my career; however, this particular part will not let me play it. Are you going to blame me for working my entire career?’ thought, “Where can I be ?’

Did the actress undergo plastic surgery? We’re willing to grant Brenda the benefit of the doubt and claim that she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

In the meantime, perhaps an even bigger question is whether a cosmetic procedure referred to by the name of Asian blepharoplasty is an acceptable reason to deny Brenda as a character in The Crazy Rich Asians (2018).

The procedure is the most frequently used in Asia and the third most widely used worldwide.

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Fans React To Brenda Song’s Claimed Cosmetic Surgery

Nicki+ uploaded a video to Twitter in September of this year, which purportedly showed Brenda Song talking in a way that was not responsible about race.

Many have suggested the video was a hoax. Still, those who have realized that the person in the video was not Brenda have posted on social media to voice their disappointment.

One fan tweeted,

It’s not at all Brenda Song… check your eyes.

Another one was mentioned,

You got me watching the whole thing, thinking it might be Brenda Song with plastic surgery.

After the release of this video, it seems many have asked whether she’s had plastic surgery.

A different person also tweeted.

Omg, I was thinking, “why was it that Brenda Song got plastic surgery? It’s not Brenda Song…

A different viewer also commented,

The joke was out of my ears for a moment because I was thinking, ‘wow!’ Brenda Song must have gotten many plastic surgeries…

Fans on Reddit also debate the possibility that Brenda Song performed eyelid surgery. It’s safe to say, most of them are not thrilled. Some call it “Hollyweird Koolaid”; however, it’s not a good idea as this procedure is common in many contemporary Asian countries.


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