John Cena Weight Loss: Workout & Diet Plan

Anyone who has heard of wrestling has probably heard of John Cena. John Felix Anthony Cena is an American professional wrestler currently working in WWE. Cena is the 16-time WWE world champion and gives an extremely difficult time to the two-time Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

John Cena is known for his strength and massive body. But, when he returned after a long absence from WWE, his looks improved. They noticed that Cena had shed some weight. The match occurred in SummerSlam 2021, where he faced Roman Reigns, for which he was defeated.

Following two losses, including one against the Fiend during WrestleMania 36 and another against Reigns, fans became concerned about John Cena’s health. People were talking all over the internet about the health of John Cena. Some suggested he might be sick, while others believed he was getting older.

What exactly was it? John Cena has shed pounds since he was in WrestleMania 36 vying The Fiend. While his return to the ring was exciting for his fans, it also left people nervous. What is it that they should be concerned about? We’ll talk about the weight reduction of John Cena in complete in detail.

John Cena Weight Loss Journey

The truth is John Cena has lost weight and is doing it intentionally. Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about. He was looking to be able to experience feeling ” lighter.” But what weight Cena has lost isn’t significant also. Cena has lost seventeen pounds. This isn’t a lot of change for someone who weighs 114 kilograms (251 pounds).

To help feel lighter, Cena made some changes to his diet and workout program. However, the changes were insignificant given the vast structure of his diet and workout plan. Let’s look at Cena’s diet and exercise regimen in greater detail.

John Cena Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Cena reduced his consumption of calories from 3600 calories to 3300 calories. Mindblowing, isn’t it? Normally, an adult male needs 2500 calories a day, but for a frame like the one of John Cena, you’ll need to think bigger. John Cena’s diet is comprised of several things.

Here’s an inside look. In the morning, for breakfast, John eats 4 scrambled eggs, a bit of Swiss cheese bacon, 6 egg whites, and 2 whole eggs. To eat lunch, He has two pieces of chicken, brown rice, and a green vegetable salad. Also, for dinner, Cena goes with Pasta and chicken, occasionally fish, and his favorite green salad.

This may appear to be extremely unhealthy to you. However, it’s not. Cena prepares his meals with olive oil. He only eats homemade food. In addition, John’s intense training regimen makes this diet appear tiny.

I also want not to forget that the program was used by Cena to shed weight, which was somewhat different from his earlier diet program.

John Cena Weight Loss: Workout Routine

John Cena does a lot of exercise throughout the day. He is a tireless worker exercising in different ways. He works out five days per week, from Monday through Friday, while taking time off on weekends to spend an enjoyable quality time spent with family. The information about Cena’s workout is as follows:


John is on Monday working on his calves and legs. He’s dedicated his time to strengthening his various body components. John do Squats, Leg Extension, Leg Press, Seated Calf Raises, and Standing Calf raises.


This Tuesday is dedicated to him and his chest. He is a master at Incline Machine Press, Incline Bench Press, Cable Flies, and Machine Flies. This is why he’s an enormous chest.


Arm day falls on Wednesday. On this day, John exercises his muscles of the biceps and triceps. His exercise routine includes standing Cable Curls, Preacher Curls, and Standing Barbell Curls. Sitting barbell tricep Extension, lying Tricep Extensions, and Rope Press downs.


Dedicates itself to shoulder. Cena performs the standing Barbell Press, Seated Military Press, Rear Delt Cable Fly, Machine Overhead Press, and Seated Overhead Press.


Meant for back and abs. He will do Lat Pulldowns, Barbell Rows Deadlifts, High Rows, abdominal Crunches, Planks of different types, and shrugs.

John Cena Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

John Cena's Weight Loss Before And After

There’s a slight variation in the weight of John Cena. In the aftermath of losing the weight of 17lbs, John is now weighing around 250 pounds compared to his former weight of 268lbs.

Cena is also the reason for Big Show.

The WWE superstar, Big Show, has also lost 90 pounds after receiving a message from Cena. Big Show said, “I was thinking about losing weight when I came across Cena. Cena gave me the confidence to go after this”.

The famous Hollywood actor Matt Damon has lost over fifty pounds through this chicken diet.

Last Words

I’m certain that John Cena’s diet and exercise strategies seem like a lot for someone who is a normal human. That’s not the case for all wrestlers. They need to be healthy and massive to compete and have the strength to withstand the heavyweights of opponents. I hope that the diet Cena and training regimens have inspired you.


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