Kim Seon Ho Plastic Surgery [REVEALED]

Kim Seon Ho has allegedly had multiple plastic surgeries to enhance his appearance. The Star of the show ‘Start-Up’ has been reported to have had surgery on his nose, eyes, lips, and chin.

Sparkling eyes, dazzling unicorn-like features, and radiant sun-kissed skin are some characteristics we are accustomed to seeing in South Korean stars, who have an ideal physical appearance and showcase their appearance on the screen.

Kim Seon Ho isn’t the only one accused of having cosmetic surgery to improve his appearance. Does it really matter? Kim Seon Ho plastic surgery? Let’s see.

Kim Seon Ho Plastic Surgery Includes Eyelid Surgery, Nose Job, And Other Procedures

Kim Seon Ho‘s plastic surgery is currently being speculated about online. Did he undergo surgery under the knife? What were the cosmetic surgery procedures he went through? The public is eager to know about the sexy actor’s artificial enhancements.

The Korean actor Kim Seon Ho is one of the most popular celebrities because of the Korean drama Start-Up. The 34-year-old actor has experienced increased popularity in Korea and abroad for his performance in Han Ji-pyeong on the show, which also stars Bae Suzy, Kim Yoo-hyuk, and Kang Ha-na.

Start-Up that aired on TVN debuted as No. one on TV’s cable channel on the 17th of October. It held its highest ratings until Episode 14, which earned the highest rating number of 5.42 percent in the episode.

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According to Nielsen Korea, its 16th and last episode aired on the 5th of December, scored national ratings for South Korea by 5.18 percent (part 1 2nd spot) and 4.84 percent (part 2 3rd place).

It was also shown on Netflix, where the show scored series No. 1. in a wide range of nations, including countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea, according to FlixPatrol. It was ranked ninth in the most popular Netflix TV programs in November and 8th at the time of the 6th of December.

Kim Seon Ho’s achievements were evident on his Instagram page, and he gained nearly two million followers within one month. His followers topped 3 million on the 5th of December, up from 1.08 million on the 3rd of November, which saw an increase by 1.92 million followers based on the Social Blade numbers.

Fans praised Kim Seon Ho’s Instagram accomplishment by launching the hashtag #KimSeonHo3M on Twitter on the 5th of December. On the 18th of December, Kim Seon Ho boasts 3.7 million followers on the photo-sharing platform.

As of November, Kim Seon Ho was placed at No. 1 on the popularity index of drama actors because of her start-up.

With the increase in fame and celebrity growth, more and more people are interested to learn about Kim Seon Ho’s cosmetic surgeries.

In contrast to the before and after photos, the actor appears to have undergone a double eyelid operation that removes excess fat and skin to allow the eyelid to lift.

This procedure allows the eye to appear wider and transforms the lid solely used into a double lid. In actuality, double eyelid surgery is so common across South Korea that parents offer the treatment to their children as a graduation gift.

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Additionally, Kim appears to have done nose surgery. Rhinoplasty is extremely well-liked by Korean stars. Before their first appearance, the majority of them have rhinoplasty procedures. The procedure removes the humps and scabs, alters your nose, or even scrapes the nose’s bulbous tips.

Furthermore, Seon Ho looks to have undergone plastic surgery on his lips. This popular cosmetic procedure involves embroidering lips in natural hues to bring back the lips that have been damaged to their previous glory. In addition, the actor appears to have worked on his chin too.

Additionally, Korean pop culture has increased the popularity of plastic surgeries. Because of the acclaim of Korean music videos and dramas, viewers are exposed to the best characteristics of their idols.

Due to the growth of K-Dramas, K-Pop Fans worldwide are looking for cosmetic surgical procedures. Many are looking to appear like their idols, while others are looking to feel better about themselves.

Kim Seon Ho Is Currently In Negotiations To Be The Lead In A New Drama Written By A “Suspicious Partner” Writer

Kim Seon Ho‘s next show might be coming up shortly.

On the 10th of November, sources revealed that the actor was set to appear in the coming TVN show “Link” (working designation). The agency he works for, SALT Entertainment, promptly responded to the report.

Kim Seon Ho received an offer to appear in the tvN’s upcoming drama “Link. We’re hesitant regarding precise information because Kim Seon Ho is still filming ‘Start-Up.’ However, he will thoroughly study his script.

“Link” is a paranormal romance and mystery drama that centers around chef Eun Gye Hoon in the role performed by Kim Seon Ho, who manages an eatery in the town where his twin sister disappeared for two decades.

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A few days later, the man discovers himself experiencing intense emotions that make him cry and smile. It is revealed that they are the emotions of a woman called Noh Da Hyun.

The script is written by Kwon Ki Young, who previously worked on “I Remember You” and “Suspicious Partner.” At the same time, the director’s seat will be held by Noh Sang Hoon, who has previously worked in “I Remember You.” It’s expected to air on TVN at some point in 2021.


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