Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Story: How She Got in Shape

Kirsten Vangsness is a well-known American actress who played Penelope Garcia in the CBS tv series Criminal Minds. Kirsten Vangsness’ weight loss experience and method comprised healthy diet, an exercise routine, and strict discipline, allowing her to lose 50 pounds in a year without feeling hungry all of the time.

Kirsten Vangsness: Who Is She?

Kirsten Vangsness, as previously said, is a well-known American actress and writer. In addition to her role as Penelope Garcia on the iconic TV program Criminal Minds, she has appeared in over 30 films and TV shows as an actor.

Dave Made a Maze, Shelf Life, Good Job, Thanks!, Kill Me, Deadly, Pretty the Series, The Chicago 8, In My Sleep, Lax, and others deserve special note.

Kirsten was born on July 7, 1972, and she is now 49 years old. She is also of American nationality. Kirsten received her big break in theatre and went on to feature in many additional films and win countless honors.

She is also a skilled published writer who co-wrote four Criminal Minds episodes.

One of the reasons she explored a career in acting was the necessity to overcome her shyness, according to the actress. Vangsness’ shyness was ascribed in part to his overweight body as a youth.

She, on the other hand, progressed from being an overweight adolescent to a plus-size lady over time.

In terms of her personal life, Kirsten Vangsness is married to actor Keith Hanson. It is yet unknown whether the couple has any children.

Why Did Kirsten Vangsness Slim Down?

Kirsten Vangsness lost weight due to a high level of stress in her life. She has also been doing this for so long that it has become a part of her life.

She was too preoccupied with Criminal Minds and other projects to eat healthily, care for herself, or even begin working out on a regular basis. She recognized one day that she wasn’t satisfied with the way things were going and decided to take action.

Criminal Minds is the major reason behind Kirsten Vangsness’s weight loss. Kristen has to perform a role in the show that necessitates a fit figure. According to the creator, she looks to be overweight.

As a result, the creator of that show approaches her about losing weight. This has resulted in Penelope Garcia’s weight loss.

Kirsten Vangsness’s Weight Loss Experience

In her part on Criminal Minds, she played a fat lady who gained weight dramatically as the season progressed. The actress discovered she wasn’t content with her figure over time and decided to start on a weight-loss program.

How Did She Manage to Lose Weight?

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Transformation Penelope Garcia Diet

Kirsten Vangsness weight loss journey and strategy included proper eating, an exercise program, and severe discipline, which enabled her to drop 50 pounds in one year without feeling hungry all of the time.

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Penelope Garcia’s diet consisted primarily of fruits and vegetables. Kirsten also started drinking more water, running on the treadmill for an hour every day, and working out to stay in shape!

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Plan helped her lose 50 pounds without feeling starved all the time. She explains that there are several ways to lose weight, but the goal is to choose the one that works best for you.

Kirsten Vangsness claims she lost weight by reading books and listening to Renee Stephens’ podcast “Free.” Kirsten claims that the Full-Fill Weight Loss Program worked for her.

Renee’s six-week podcast has helped clients lose weight rapidly and consistently. She personally suffered with being overweight for a long time, but was eventually able to overcome the problem by implementing healthy eating habits as well as productive living skills, resulting in a weight loss of 200 pounds to 150 pounds.

Stephens’ six-week weight loss program aims to transform your connection with food and life by implementing spiritual weight loss methods.

Kirsten Vangsness has never used fad diets or weight loss medicines to assist her in losing more than 50 pounds. The actress maintains it all natural and fresh, avoiding the usage of drugs such as sugar replacements or diet pills, which can lead to addiction in the majority of people.

Vangsness, who was overweight on the Criminal Minds show before beginning a six-week program with Renee Stephens, is now controlling her weight with a nutritious diet and exercise. One of the numerous reasons for her success is that she consumes vegetarian meals like protein drinks and natural foods.

In addition to performing well in their series, actress Vangenss acquired weight throughout Criminal Mind, and she considered herself overweight during the time period owing to indulgences such as fast food and lack of sleep.

She kept her cool when it came to lose weight, owing in part to eating off vegetables, which included ingesting protein shake versions as well as various other fresh fruits and vegetables, so she didn’t have an overdose of bread carbohydrates but rather far better alternatives instead.

How Did Kirsten Vangsness Lose Weight?

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Transformation Penelope Garcia

There have been reports that Kirsten used to take weight loss drugs, but this is absolutely wrong. Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss’s exact formula was explained by her in an interview.

She did not give a thorough method to losing weight, but according to a tweet, she followed Renee Stephen’s audio weight loss program to lose weight.

#1 Yoga On A Regular Basis

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Diet Plan Penelope Garcia Weight Loss Diet Plan

Kirsten Vangsness Demonstrates Some Yoga Techniques

Boat pose, Upward plank, Warrior pose, Trikonasana, ‍Sun salutation, The cobra pose, Downward facing dog pose, ‍Chair pose, ‍Seated forward bend pose, The gas releasing pose.

#2 Kirsten Vangsness Dietary Guidelines

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Diet was created in accordance with Stephen’s instructions. Renee Stephens was also used to being really big at one point, but she was able to achieve a decent physique with some Yoga and a balanced diet.

She then developed Kirsten Vangsness weight loss program, in which she trains people to lose weight. In that weight loss program, she stressed the significance of eating a healthy food in order to lose weight.

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Kirsten Vangsness stuck to all of her diet regimens in order to lose weight quickly.

After losing weight, the Criminal Minds star announced it on Twitter and praised Renee for her assistance. Kirsten, according to a TV broadcast, drops 50 pounds in a few of months.

Kirsten Vangsness looks stunning after transforming her physique into a healthy one, and her followers agree.

#3 Kirsten Vangsness Workout Routine

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Diet Penelope Garcia Weight Loss Diet

When questioned about her routine, Kirsten stated, “I joined a gym where I would perform different workouts.”

Kirsten went on to say something really weird that no one expected, “I ride a unicorn.” When asked what she meant, the actress said, “I think I’m riding a unicorn when I’m doing deadlifts.”

Kirsten will do everything to lose weight while at the gym. She completed several push-ups and pull-ups. Joining a gym is incredibly helpful since it offers all of the equipment needed to lose weight as well as trainers.

Kirsten Vangsness Underwent Weight Loss Surgery?

Kirsten did not have cosmetic surgery to get her new look. However, many bloggers and media people believe that her rapid weight loss could not have been achieved without the usage of assistance such as surgery or weight loss drugs.

However, the claims that Kirsten Vangsness weight loss was spectacular are untrue. Despite the fact that the 6-week regimen helped her lose weight, it took her months to attain her optimum body weight.

The criminal minds star reportedly shed 50 pounds in a matter of months with the use of an all-natural weight loss product.

She has constantly debunked these allegations since then. She was concerned that the only assistance she received on Kirsten Vangsness weight loss quest came from the Inside out weight loss podcast.

Kirsten Vangsness’ change has been incredible to witness. A fast comparison of her red-carpet photos from 2015 and 2016 will show how hard she had to work to transform her appearance.

Her latest red carpet appearances show her in brighter colors and revealing more flesh than we used to see, indicating that Kirsten Vangsness weight loss has made her more confident and adventurous.

Does She Lose Weight As A Result Of The Surgery?

Kirsten Vangsness, the actress from Criminal Minds, did not have weight loss surgery.

Kirsten Vangsness, an actress, has been enjoying her new body with a lot of love and appreciation from many individuals who think it’s great!

We conclude that Kirsten does not use diet pills; instead, she does yoga and eats nutritious foods to attain good outcomes. She also expresses gratitude to Renee Stephens for assisting her in lose weight; this is all about Kristin’s transformation tale!

She chose the Renee Stephens program to help her lose weight quickly.

Did Kirsten’s Personal Life Affect Her Weight?

Kirsten Vangsness is a bisexual woman who has previously had relationships with both sexes. Melanie Goldstein, her film editor girlfriend, proposed to her. It was her first romance, which lasted around seven years.

After many allegations and debates about her love life and sexuality, she split up with her girlfriend Melanie Goldstein and moved in with Hollywood actor Keith Hanson in 2013.

Suddenly, she began to lose weight significantly. During and during the 2014 Oscars, there was a lot of talk about Kirsten’s physique makeover.

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It was claimed in 2015 that she was engaged to Hanson and was getting set to go down the aisle after exchanging rings.

They haven’t married yet, but rumors have it that Kirsten and Hanson will have a lavish wedding.

She is content with her current situation and has moved on from her past. There is nothing odd about her relationships that may contribute to her losing weight.

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Before and After

Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss Penelope Garcia Weight Loss Before And After Photos

Kirsten was a plus-size lady, but after shedding 200 pounds and slimming down to 150 pounds, she is more gorgeous and smaller than ever. Her three-year weight-loss endeavor lasted three years.

However, there are many approaches, such as taking drugs and undergoing surgery, to lose weight in a short amount of time.

To lose weight, she chose natural and spiritual methods such as clean diet and being more productive.

The true metamorphosis is from being chubbier than other kids her age as a child to being featured on the front cover of CURVE Magazine! She is still doing her breathing exercises and experiencing spiritual encounters.

Kirsten Vangsness weight loss was greatly aided by her vegetarian lifestyle. She has lived a vegetarian diet for almost two decades.

Kirsten Vangsness weight loss experience tells us that having a good attitude and seeing things from a different perspective is enough to help you turn your life upside down.

The Last Word About Kirsten Vangsness Weight Loss

Kirsten Vangsness weight loss journey began at 200 pounds and is now 150 pounds. Few people think someone can lose so much weight in such a short amount of time, hence Kirsten Vangsness weight loss journey is one of the most talked-about weight-loss transformations.

That would have required a great deal of self-control to pull off. It is hard to say that Kirsten lacked the necessary discipline, but we do know that she has demonstrated that sometimes the missing parts in a weight loss journey include a happy mentality and being at peace.

While Kirsten Vangsness weight loss may have begun dramatically, Kirsten has stated that it took her three years to accomplish her weight target.

Kirsten Vangsness made a promise to live a healthy lifestyle and followed through on it, and she is now healthier and happier as a result.


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