Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: How She Lost 40 Pounds

The winner of the inaugural series of American Idol (2002) has accomplished a lot throughout her professional career. Following her win on American Idol, Clarkson was given a contract with RCA. Her debut single, A Moment Like This, was the top-selling song in the country.

As Uncle Ben once stated, ” With great power comes the responsibility” kelly’s rise in fame led to an increased workload. She began to record the top singles one after the other. Most of the time, kelly was out on tour and doing shows.

In all the hustle and bustle, she became distracted from her health and gained many pounds. The weight gain is slowing down, kelly. She was able to rid herself of an extra 40 pounds. But that’s not all. It was much more. Find out more.

What Caused Kelly To Lose Weight?

The weight loss slowed Clarkson down, but it wasn’t the reason she shed weight. It was a component of the issue. According to kelly, ” I had an immune system disorder and a thyroid issue that developed in 2006“.

Autoimmune diseases occur when the body cannot distinguish between your cells from foreign cells, which attack normal cells. Clarkson added, “I know the industry likes the loss of weight, but my experience was that it wasn’t so much the weight. My experience was the feeling of ‘I’m not taking my medicine anymore’ >'”.

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The Music Industry Is A Confusion

Many of us believe that kelly faced many difficulties in the industry due to her weight gain. But, this isn’t the situation. Actually, it was the contrary. Kelly was frequently criticized for her slim body (of course, in her early times).

Clarkson recalls the time, “I felt more stress from people who were thin when I was actually thin and extremely healthy as I was exhausted.” But as her weight increased, these concerns were no longer accepted. Actually, she was growing weight was causing problems.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss Journey

Let’s move on to the primary question in the article: What made kelly lose weight? After battling the autoimmune disorder and losing weight for a few months, kelly searched for answers. The answers would help be able to solve the issue of growing weight.

To summarize the weight loss of Clarkson, here is what she has to say ” I’m not working out!” Kelly said. “I have actually gone through this book. It’s known as The Plant Paradox. It’s about cooking our food, using non-GMO ingredients with no pesticides, and eating organic food”.

Kelly is a vegetarian and eats organic whenever it’s feasible. Kelly is not a big person who enjoys working out, so she is attentive to her diet program. This way, kelly has not only succeeded in losing 40 pounds but maintained them with success.

Since losing weight, kelly has maintained her routine the same way. She is adamant about avoiding eating out as much as she can. Kelly has also cut back on her alcohol consumption.

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In addition to following an appropriate diet, she’s made a conscious choice of what to drink and not. The American star begins her morning with a glass of fresh juice made from fruit.

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss 2022 Before And After

Kelly’s weight at present is 154 pounds when compared to her former weight of 194 pounds. To improve her diet, The winner of the American idol has managed to shed the weight of 40lbs.

Kelly’s Response To Body-Shamers

As with many other female stars, her weight gain also led some people to go out of their boundaries. Clarkson was the subject of some remarks filled with snark. But, the brave performer did not seem to care.

Clarkson’s response was enough to displease those who hate her ” If you gauge your life based on the opinions of other people, you’ll find yourself immersed in stress trying to satisfy everyone.” Clarkson continued, ” People should focus on their personal lives, their well-being, and happiness. Whatever it is for you, be satisfied and content“.

The Final Words

There’s a lot to learn from Clarkson’s weight loss experience. It doesn’t just teach ways to reduce weight but also how to stay positive throughout the entire process. It is important to think about what’s best for us and not be influenced by what others consider the best option. Because this is our life, and we must live it. We shouldn’t let anyone else dictate how we should live our lives.


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