Keeping Fit Like Matthew Perry

As a cast member of the sitcom Friends, Matthew Perry became a household name worldwide.

His hilarious portrayal of Chandler Bing left a lasting impression on millions of fans, but behind the smiles lay a dark secret. Perry battled demons offset, leading to worries about his health. In an interview with US Magazine, he admitted that, like Chandler, he tried to hide complex human emotions behind jokes and a devil-may-care persona.


Perry has beaten his demons in recent years, and he’s back in the limelight thanks to the recent Friends anniversary, which brought the show to life for a new generation of fans. The finale aired in 2004, but an 18-year gap has not diminished fans’ hunger for Perry and his co-stars. The 25th-anniversary show aired recently, prompting major news outlets like the New York Times to explain why it was still so relevant today. Since 2004 it has spawned plenty of media that fans could enjoy, such as the spin-off show Joey. There was a video game, a PlayStation trivia quiz aptly titled The One With All The Trivia, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The online slot provider Foxy Games has a Slingo game titled Friends Slingo that features the show’s music and some iconic locations and characters. You can even buy the Friends cast as Lego characters, and one of those is Chandler, aka Matthew Perry; his presence in much of the digital media and beyond helps cement his fame today.

That means that when his workout regime was made public, it was worth paying attention to. Here’s a man we laughed at and cried with, a man who fought his demons out of sight and won and serves as an inspiration for everyone going through a tough time. He’s 52 now and far from being the guy who struggled to cancel a gym membership with Ross in The One With The Ballroom Dancing; he is a role model others can use to help fit. If you have tried watching YouTubers who help you keep fit and struggled to connect with their content, perhaps you can use Perry’s reported regime, as outlined. Could he be any more influential?


Yoga gives one a sense of balance and discipline, and whilst Perry’s co-star Jennifer Aniston is a keen advocate for yoga, few realise Perry is also reportedly a big fan. He claims many of his demons were caused by not having a sense of routine, which yoga gives you. There are few specifics around Perry’s actual practice of yoga, but it’s suggested that he enjoys a good morning routine, which he follows with another form of exercise.

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Fit Like Matthew Perry

A morning run can stimulate positive endorphins around your body and set you up for the rest of the day. Perry, who has a home facing a Malibu beach, has the option to take long runs on the sand before the crowds appear, which helps him keep fit and healthy. You don’t have to run marathons; just a couple of kilometers up and down your block is sufficient to help set you up for the day. Running is believed to have helped Perry with his recent weight loss, which has seen him look more like Chandler than in recent years.


If you bought an expensive car, you wouldn’t try to run it on the cheapest fuel possible, which seems to be Perry’s mantra these days. He’s been pictured on Instagram drinking glasses of water, and it’s suggested his current diet includes high pranic foods, including sprouts, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and salads.


Matthew Perry isn’t buff, his workout regime isn’t on a par with sculpted Hollywood stars such as Chris Hemsworth or fitness fanatic former cast mate Jennifer Aniston, but he is still important. His regime is achievable and proven effective by the steps Perry has taken in recent years. It might seem simple, but often the biggest, most impactful changes or the some that are easy to make.


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