Is Joe Rogan Taking Steroids? Shocking Revelations!

It’s not like I’m a big Joe Rogan fan, but I’m always intrigued by how he speaks to athletes as a personal trainer. He is a master at working on talking with powerlifters, bodybuilders, and UFC fighters.

One topic the doctor isn’t afraid of challenges involves the usage of steroids and growth hormones.

Surprisingly enough, he’s been able to convince many people to admit that they have taken steroids. What I’ve found fascinating is the way he talks about the issue.

We spent a few hours watching back some of the most contentious podcasts to let you know what he’s talking about.

Do You Know If Joe Rogan Take Steroids To Get Bulkier?

Joe Rogan On Steroids

Joe Rogan spent a large part of his time as a UFC comedian and commentator.

However, it’s a fact his podcast is among the most popular podcasts around this world; that’s what makes him a fascinating person.

According to various sources, he has more than 200 million podcasts each month 11.

One thing that has been discussed frequently by him has been taking human growth hormone and undergoing treatment for hormones.

He claims, however, that his doses are low to fight the age-related signs rather than to build massive muscles.

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Why Are People Still Saying He’s On Steroids?

Is Joe Rogan On Steroids or Natural

The most straightforward answer is that he’s admitted to the fact and has not even stated that he has altered his opinion about the different kinds of drugs. However, it’s crucial to comprehend the reasoning behind his decision and how he came to it.

He’s on TRT

Joe has revealed on several episodes that he’s taking testosterone replacement therapy and a very low dosage of the human growth hormone (HGH). The goal is to maintain his testosterone levels up and provide his body with the chance to heal and keep it healthy.

The method also requires visiting a doctor to design and oversee the treatment. The primary aim is to stay at the top of his weight and combat the symptoms of aging.

He’s Very Open About Nootropics As Well As Enhancers for Performance

During his talk show, he has spoken to various doctors and scientists, discussing taking different natural supplements every week. One thing that stands out to many viewers is that he has confessed that he is taking Nuvigil as an effective drug for improving focus.

Some people took this as an opportunity to suggest that he’s self-medicating. The truth is this is a substance that fighter pilots frequently use to boost the concentration of their pilots.

Have Joe Rogan’s Guests Talked To Joe Rogan About Steroids?

One of the most intriguing was the bodybuilding legend, Ronnie Coleman.

Ronnie acknowledged that he began taking testosterone and steroids around the age of 30 2Ronnie admitted that he started taking testosterone and steroids when he was 30 [ 2. He did this because Ronnie was constantly getting his butt beat by every bodybuilder who was 10 years younger.

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In another incident, Joe was talking to sports journalist Mariana Van Zeller. Joe said that in the current bodybuilding community, using anabolic steroids has become so widespread that he can’t think anyone in the business can be competitive without them.

“I’m obsessed with the extreme winners because I think there’s craziness to it. I believe that to succeed at something, you must give in to an element of insaneness.” – Joe Rogan.

Is It Possible To Bulk Up Like Joe Rogan Without Steroids?

Is Joe Rogan Bulking With Steroids

It’s definitely possible to build up as Joe even in your mid-50s. This isn’t a requirement for testosterone therapy or other prescription drugs.

Rogan is a podcast host who knows what is essential to eating right and exercising to build a big male.

As with most bodybuilders, trains five days per week. He doesn’t let age deter him from doing his best.

He has spent years building his physique and has acquired a wealth of knowledge into various bodybuilding techniques from his many guests throughout the many years.

The testosterone boost the actor has mentioned in the past can be achieved through natural supplements. If you’re considering plans to get into shape in your 50s, don’t be put off by the notion that you’ll need steroids.


Joe Rogan And Steroids

Do You Know If Joe Rogan Ever Professionally Competes In Sports On Steroids?

There’s no way Joe Rogan never professionally was a professional athlete during his time taking steroids. He was once an analyst for UFC fights and trained in MMA, but he’s still not an official MMA fighter.

Has Joe Rogan Suffered Health Issues As A Result Of Steroids?

There’s no way Joe Rogan hasn’t suffered problems with his health due to steroids. He’s taken testosterone to boost his health and combat sure signs of aging. He believes that it has helped to keep him in good health.

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The Facts About Joe Rogan And Steroids

Is Joe Rogan On Steroids Bulking

Yes, he does take steroids; however, it is a medical necessity to take them. He is adamant that not everyone who takes steroids is doing so to cause harm.

He isn’t looking to age at the rate it would usually, and he’s got an expert doctor to help him deal with it.

Like Joe, it doesn’t need testosterone therapy or any other medication to gain weight.


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