ASAP Rocky Tattoos & Their Meanings: A Look at Rapper’s Ink

Rakim Mayers, better known as the rapper A$AP Rocky is one of the established artists in the world of music. ASAP Rocky is famous for his unique style of music making, fashionable style, his use of recreational drugs as well as a turbulent love life.

Soon after the release of his top charting albums, Long. Live. A$AP and at. Long. Last. A$AP, The American rapper, quickly made his mark on the music world.

The rap industry’s artists are usually thought of as having tattoos solely for the “feel” or for expressing their talents and artistic skills. A$AP isn’t an exception since his tattoos are notable on his back, representing certain things he believes in.

ASAP Rocky Tattoos – How Many Tattoos Do The Rapper Have?

ASAP Rocky is the most well-known A$AP Mob singer and has always been at the top of the list because of his unique music style and impeccable sense of style (which has helped him get famous celeb collaborations).

According to the Body Art Guru, this performer has nine tattoos in total.

Cross Tattoo

The right knee of his left is a “Cross” symbol, representing the principles of the faith religion. It is connected to Jesus’ crucified and his faith in Jesus. The artist, together with Asap FergYG, and Tyga, is the producer of the track “On God, which expresses his faith and trust in the God of heaven.

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Vlone Tattoo

The rapper has tattooed the word the letter ‘V’ under his left ear. VLONE is a clothing brand for streetwear founded at the end of 2011 by A$AP Mob founder ASAP K. ASAP Rocky is also part of A$AP Gang.

Rocky shows much admiration and affection for his friends. The tattoo is a different way of showing gratitude.

Anarchy Tattoos Of Symbols

On his left leg, you can see the Anarchy signification tattoo. Anarchy is a group of people who resist authorities without formal structures. The merchandise of the rapper even has the symbol of rebelliousness.

Anarchy Tattoo

The singer also has a tattoo that reads ‘ANARCHY’ over his left knee.

In the interview on Vice, ASAP said, “I’m an anarchist. I’m all for people who don’t care about color and all the dumb stuff. It’s not bad, especially for me being in my position to say it; however, even if I were poor, I’d be saying it.”

“If Not Now, Then When Tattoo

The musician has the “If Not Now Then When’ tattoo on his right thigh. The way to look at it is that “If It’s Not Now, Then When” is a motivational quote that motivates people to take action in the face of any task or project they are certain to be completed or take steps in a specific time.

Stomach Tattoo

The rapper’s got an “ASAP Life” tattoo across his stomach. The A$AP Mob is a collective composed of American hip-hop artists established in 2006. Although ASAP Rocky was not one of the original members, the rapper is among the A$AP Mob’s most celebrated and respected leaders.

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“Dare” Tattoo

Dare is tattooed on his right leg of Rocky and is located beneath the ‘If You Don’t Now, Then when tattoo. In general, daring is being brave enough to tackle anything difficult. Rocky is well-known for carrying bold ideas, and daring is something that fits his personality.

Pirate Tattoo

The 31-year-old rapper has a Pirate tattoo just below his right knee. Pirates are thought to be tough men by nature. The tattoo is also used to signify the unwavering determination of the individual. The symbol could also represent determination and courage.

Unidentified Tattoo

The rapper has an unknown tattoo on his hand.

ASAP Rocky Hand Tattoo

In 2011, ASAP Rocky dropped his first mixtape entitled “Live. Love. A$AP.

The mixtape’s music blends design and stylistic features of hip hop culture that are distinct from ASAP Rocky’s native New York culture, primarily Southern hip hop. ‘Live. Love. A$AP was later honored in the BET awards for the top mixtape.

The ex-girlfriend of the rapper Iggy Azalea received the tattoos to pay tribute to him for the album “Live. Love. A$AP.’

To promote the album, The ex-girlfriend of rapper Aussie performer Iggy Azalea had an unveiled tattoo that reads “Live. Love. “A$AP” between her fingers.

Rapstress made it clear in an interview 2012 in 2012 that Iggy and A$AP took their relationship to the next level and even had tattoos that were a match.

The Australian singer was famous for her connection with rapper Rocky and A$AP Rocky, so she decided to keep her commitment with tattoos on her hands “Live,” “Love,” as well as “A$AP.”

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Azaela is currently engaged to NBA superstar Nick Young and began the process of removing tattoos back in 2014. Her representatives cannot yet confirm whether the tattoos have been removed completely. The recent photos make it clear to many that they’re gone.


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