In an Instagram post from the past, Carrie Underwood highlighted her almost everyday routine for exercise that, in addition to working on her new My Savior EP, has helped her stay fit and healthy during her isolation.

“About to earn some credit today with the 13-Card Draw @fit52,” wrote Underwood in her post, referring to the Fit52 exercise app she created along with her instructor Eve Overland and released in May 2020. The app is created around 52 exercises or 26 exercises based on cards.

Notably, in a separate interview for 2020 in 2020, the “Before she Cheats” singer revealed to Women’s Health that she enjoyed the days she worked out on her legs using the app. The workout was six supersets consisting of three exercises, each done in three to four sets. The exercises included were Tuck jumps, Romanian deadlifts (with 30-35-pound dumbbells) and walking lunges (with 20-25-pound dumbbells), and higher sumo squats (with the use of a fifty-pound dumbbell).

In addition to COVID health tips for fitness, Underwood stated in the Shape, “We all have plenty to think about and do things in our lives. I am a firm believer that it is best to keep things as simple as is possible, from workouts to skincare. The fewer things I need to consider and think about more, the more efficient. If it’s too difficult, it’s not something I’m going to take on it.”

Regarding the other motivations, which are more personal to her, she stated, “I want to be more powerful. If I’m happy in my clothes and I’m beginning to feel some muscles, it inspires me to keep moving forward. I love the feeling I get as I run up a set of stairs or when getting my kids up or carrying my stuff is simple. I enjoy watching muscles move and feeling the progress.”

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