The chief executive for Duck Commander is well-known for his sense of humor. However, he’s not the best at keeping his health. Robertson had recently been experiencing numerous issues with his health. He was suffering from high blood pressure problems.

His spouse, Korie Robertson, worries. She compelled her husband to go along with her to see a doctor. The doctor recommended that Willie try to lose weight and shed some pounds for better health.

When Korie realized that the root of the issue was Robertson’s weight gain, she pressured Robertson to work out with her and adhere to an eating program. Willie was either a fan or not but her persistent approach aided in his weight loss.

Willie Robertson Weight Loss Journey

Korie recommended to Willie that he take part in Yoga classes along with her. When asked about this, Willie said, ” I’d like to lose weight, but I’ll never lose my confidence.” The thought of practicing yoga wasn’t appealing to Robertson.

However, as you can imagine, everyone can’t resist a wife. Willie took part in yoga classes, where initially, he encountered many problems. However, with time, he became familiar with the practice. Korie prepared healthy meals for Willie, such as Tofu and other vegetables.

Korie isn’t allowing Willie to consume any kind of meat. She is determined to keep him in good health and vegetarian.

What Weight Did Willie Lost?

After practicing yoga and eating healthy foods, Willie Robertson has shed about 10 pounds. This is an impressive feat for him.

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