Chris Bumstead Steroids: Is He Natural or Not?

Chris is among the most youthful IFBB professional bodybuilders around the planet.

As per Generation Iron and expert opinions, the bodybuilder is a singular talent with a bright outlook who is following the path of greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dorian Yates, and Ronnie Coleman.

But, when they see his impressively muscular physique, people are skeptical and accuse him of using steroids.

Chris Bumstead attributes his achievement to genetics training, food, and exercises.

We’ve conducted a thorough investigation to determine if Chris is a natural person or if this is a lie.

We discovered some fascinating information.

Is Chris Bumstead Displaying Any Of The Typical Indicators Of Steroid Use?

Does Chris Bumstead on Steroids

We cannot be sure whether the bodybuilder is a steroids user or not without checking his blood samples for the presence of performance-enhancing substances.

But, a few common indicators can help us determine the possibility of someone using androgenic steroids.

#1 Massive Volume Of Muscle And Huge Shoulders

Massive shoulders are round and 3D-like with perfectly defined trapezius and deltoid muscle. Notably, they are clear signs of the use of steroids.

It can take a long time and is highly challenging (nearly difficult) to cut such large boulder shoulders naturally over a brief period because the massive increases in muscle mass (especially within that muscles group) are prolonged.

However, the moment a bodybuilder is taking steroids (androgenic substances that raise testosterone levels), His shoulders appear first and develop much faster than other body parts.

This is because the delts have a higher concentration of androgen receptors than the other muscle groups. When triggered by androgenic hormones like testosterone, these receptors increase muscle protein synthesis.

A high dose of testosterone can cause bloating and muscle striations.

Anyone who’s looked at his slim waist would not agree on the same thing. Chris Bumstead looks bloated, would they?

The guy is an iconic bodybuilding physique with unique aesthetics and perfect proportions. He is extremely fit and lean, tall body with a slim waist and strikingly prominent round and strong shoulders.

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The shape and size of his shoulder 3Ds and the apparent signs of strenuous muscular striations (mostly around his chest) make Chris Bumstead suspicious of using steroids or even their legal alternatives, which could include the addition of testosterone.

It’s always a bit odd when a little person becomes a massive monster, like an oversized Hulk within a couple of months, regardless of their stunning genetics, rigorous workouts, and a diet program that’s what many users noticed when looking at Chris Bumstead before and after images in social networks.

But, Chris started training at the age of 14 years old. Therefore, one possible reason for his high growth might be the puberty stage, where teens grow faster than those who are the steroids due to naturally increased growth hormone and testosterone levels.

Moreover, his trainer was the boyfriend of his sister’s boyfriend, Iain Valliere, a world-class bodybuilder.

It is possible that winning the lottery of genes combined with the complete training and diet plan the professional IFBB bodybuilder gave Chris at an extremely young age helped him grow so much quicker than the average guy.

There is no way to know with certainty whether steroids have contributed to this problem or not.

#2 Red Skin

Chris Bumstead on Steroids

Another common side effect associated with the use of steroids is flushed skin.

Steroids usually boost LDL cholesterol, thereby increasing the body’s temperature and blood pressure due to the body trying to get back to its average temperature. The skin appears red and flushed after an intense bath.

The body color for a natural bodybuilder is pink in the sauna or doing exercises and using steroids. A person who uses steroids typically has a red chest and other body parts, even if you aren’t working out.

Fortunately, it will look normal after the use of steroids ceases.

Not often seen in natural people, Chris Bumstead usually has the appearance of flushed skin, and this is especially evident on his chest.

It doesn’t mean anything because it’s not so starkly red as the skin of others bodybuilders who certainly abuse steroids.

#3 Oily Skin

Androgenic steroids can cause changes in hormones, causing the glands that produce sebaceous oil to produce more oil.

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The oily skin is often the cause of pores that have been blocked by bacteria or dirt, which results in pimples or acne.

Suppose you examine a close look at his Instagram images. In that case, you’ll be able to see the fact that Chris Bumstead has mild acne breakouts on various body areas (commonly reported by Trenbolone users).

However, it’s pretty different from the severe side result that steroids users can experience and does not necessarily mean the person is taking steroids. Also, his young age and puberty could cause acne.

#4 Analysis

Is Chris Bumstead on Steroids

Drug tests are the most accurate method to determine if the person is using steroids.

Let’s review the early life and competitive background of Chris Bumstead to figure out whether he’s been test-driven.

The young Canadian bodybuilder began competing in 2014 when he was 19 and received the IFBB Pro Card upon winning the IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships in 2016. He was just 21 years old.

Is it true that IFBB permits steroids?

The IFBB organization does not officially allow steroids to be used in competitions. However, it doesn’t appear to have a strict testing policy, as some athletes have admitted to using illicit drugs.

Chris Bumstead was also Mr. Olympia’s winner of the Classic Physique division in 2019 and 2020 (although Chris Bumstead made his debut in bodybuilding and took the title in the open category for men, which is the division for mass monsters).

Here’s what he has to say about his love of the “classic” style:

Physique smartly shifting into the Classic division pushed my enthusiasm to the top, and I began considering symmetry aesthetics and presenting it as art through posing has such an entirely different experience than simply trying to become huge.

Chris Bumstead, IFBB Professional Bodybuilder

Can you make use of steroids in Mr. Olympia?

Participants who compete in this category Natural BB division are tested. They aren’t allowed to use any steroids. The competition, however, does not tackle the issue of other types.

Chris also participated in the Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF).

The CBBF states they have a rigid Anti-Doping Policy compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency Code, meaning that all bodybuilders must be tested for drugs before participating.

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After digging deeper, the insiders have revealed the CBBF testing process is not random, meaning only a tiny percentage of bodybuilders are checked for substances.

Here is the pertinent information we’ve uncovered:

Chris was a participant in the CBBF but was not listed as a participant on the official “shame page” alongside those athletes who were found in the act of juicing and failed to pass the test.

However, it’s not proof that he ever was checked at all.

While it’s difficult for me to imagine Chris played Russian roulette throughout his career, it’s possible that he took steroids but “got lucky” (won the championships without being drug tested).

Does Chris Bumstead Natural, Or Does He Use Anabolic Steroids?

Chris Bumstead And Steroids

Chris Bumstead’s amazingly shredded body appears to be photo-shopped. It’s not surprising that it’s hard to believe it results from his work and his superior genetics.

His vast shoulders, capped with popping deltoids, acne breakouts, and red, flushed skin, could all be signs of abuse by steroids.

Apart from speculation, there is no proof that Chris is taking steroids. However, it is possible to get this body naturally.


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