Joy Reid Weight Loss Journey: How She Shed Pounds?

Joy Reid weight loss issue is being wondered by many as she is an MSNBC anchor and national correspondent and is in the spotlight.

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Who is Joy Reid

Joy-Ann M. Lomena-Reid, better known as Joy Reid, is an MSNBC anchor and national reporter.

She is one of the network’s most popular hosts, delivering a successful morning program for MSNBC.

She has also authored many books about the American political system, and her political commentary and analysis essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Daily Beast, New York magazine, The Guardian, and the Miami Herald.

She presently resides in New York with her husband Jason, a Discovery Channel documentary film editor, and their three children.

Joy Reid’s Childhood and Family

Joy Reid Weight Loss Surgery

Joy Reid was born Joy-Ann Lomena on December 8, 1968, in Brooklyn, New York City.

Her father was a Congolese engineer, and her mother was a British Columbia, Canada, college lecturer and dietitian.

They met at the University of Iowa when both were in graduate school.

Joy’s parents split when she was still a child, and her father returned to the Congo.

Joy was reared in Denver, Colorado, with her brother and sister, but when she was 17, her mother died of cancer, and she relocated to Flatbush, New York City, to live with an aunt.

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Reid attended Harvard University, where she pursued a Pre-Med degree before deciding to pursue her passion for journalism, graduating in 1991 with a degree in cinema.

Joy Reid’s Career

Joy Reid began her journalistic career in 1997, when she quit a position at a business consulting firm to work for a morning program on WSVN Channel 7 in Florida.

She was accepted as a Knight Center for Specialized Journalism fellow in 2003. Reid was the Florida deputy communications director for the Democratic presidential campaign’s 527 “America Coming Together” programs during the 2004 campaign.

She then co-hosted “Wake Up, South Florida,” a morning chat program broadcast from Miami, Florida, in 2006.

Reid also worked as a press aide for President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign in Florida.

In 2011, she was the managing editor of “The Grio” and theGrio.com, a political columnist for the Miami Herald, and she founded and edited her own political blog, “The Reid Report.”

Reid temporarily aired her own cable news show, “The Reid Report,” in 2014-2015, but it was terminated after one season.

Later that year, she was designated a national reporter for MSNBC, and in 2016, she hosted “AM Joy,” a political weekend morning discussion program on MSNBC that soon became one of the network’s highest-rated morning shows.

She released her book “Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide” in 2015.

She was also a co-editor of Barack Obama’s speeches, We Are the Change We Seek.

Joy Reid Weight Loss Journey

Joy Reid Weight Loss Diet & Workout Plan

After Joy Reid weight loss experience she weighs 55 kilograms (121 pounds). Joy Reid’s weight was always an issue as a journalist for a big news network.

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She, on the other hand, did not allow her weight stand in the way of her legacy.

Joy Reid embarked on a rigorous fitness regimen in order to lose her additional pounds, and she was able to achieve a weight loss of more than 10 kg.

She is now more lovely than ever and appears considerably younger than her actual age of 50.

Joy Reid has a cerebral blood clot as well as whooping cough.

She has now recovered, though, and stated that she is OK and feeling better.

Joy expressed gratitude to her colleagues and friends that stepped in for her, as well as the AM Joy fans and the medical staff.

Joy Reid had struggled with her weight loss as a public person in the media sector.

Joy Reid followed a strict fitness regimen in order to lose weight, and she was fortunate to shed more than 10 kg of body weight.

Reid had dropped some weight after surgery and had modified her eating habits.

Reid is now leaner and seems to be younger than her age.

At her age, she must be a really happy woman.


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