The main singer from Blue traveler has had to contend with weight gain. Due to his diet. However, things went bad when he began to feel chest pain. He was having a blast with his partner in Hawaii at the time.

They were sitting in the hot tub and enjoying the gorgeous evening. That’s when things started to get ugly. Popper began feeling chest discomfort. “I’d experienced these chest pains for the past year, but this was something else,” said John.

Popper had a devastating heart attack back in the year 1999. The heart attack was so severe that it almost killed him. In a matter of moments, John found himself in hospital with doctors. They advised him of his weight and his current health. John Popper’s weight loss journey is also an inspiring journey alongside other artists like Zac Brown and Wynonna Judd.

Why Did Popper Lose Weight So Quickly?

People always ask how Popper accomplish this feat. However, it wasn’t an intention-based weight loss. It was more of a near-death incident. When John arrived at the hospital, the doctors helped save his life, but they advised him of his behavior and said, “Your lifestyle is about to be changed.”

Doctors warned him that he should undergo an emergency angioplasty procedure because of a 95% blockage in the arterial system. In the following years, Popper also underwent gastric bypass surgery. As a result, he shed significant weight.

Before the surgery, John weighed about 420 pounds. That’s an extremely unhealthy amount of weight. However, after surgery, Popper lost 238 pounds. This surgery saved his life.

What Made Popper Gain Weight?

The primary question is: what made him get there at all? This is the reason for the story. Popper was prone to eating too much. Popper never considered the number of calories he was eating.

John also made a habit of drinking too much and smoking his h**o. Based on his behavior, it was clear that the outcome wouldn’t be very good. Then he was admitted to the hospital.

Changes In Popper’s Habits

After the fatal heart attack, Popper worked on his drinking and eating habits. He began to note what he ate throughout the day. John also stopped using heroin. Instead of large and junk food, He switched to bland food. Popper also began to exercise.

Was John Have To Say About John Popper Weight Loss Surgery?

“It was a very painful experience. I’ll forever remember it,”” Popper said. Popper. “It also made me aware of my bad behavior. Regarding the things that I did incorrectly .”

What Is Popper Right Now?

At present, John lives near Snohomish, Washington. But, the reports aren’t satisfactory considering his weight. He has also gained weight.


Food that is pizza, burgers, and pizza tastes good. A night out with your friends and drinking a pint at the bar sounds awesome. But, all of these are more harmful than just feeling cool. As you will see, Popper’s eating habits led to his death.

Therefore, think about the foods you’re feeding your stomach. There’s a lot of nutritious stuff besides junk food and drinks. Spend time with your loved ones. Also, with your buddies too, but with no drinking alcohol. Since sobriety can be very enjoyable. Make sure you take good care of your well-being and smile.

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