Luke Combs Weight Loss Journey: How He Shed the Pounds

Luke Combs weight loss journey started with his wife Nicole Hocking Combs, and then with his girlfriend, Nicole Hocking. It looks to be a lot easier when you have a companion along for the ride. We are explaining Luke Combs weight loss experience with the all details.

Who is Luke Combs?

Luke Albert Combs is a country music singer and songwriter from the America who was born on March 2, 1990. Luke Combs, who was born and bred in North Carolina, began performing as a kid, most famously at Carnegie Hall.

He went to Nashville, Tennessee, after dropping out of college to pursue a career in music, and published his debut extended play, The Way She Rides, in 2014.

This One’s for You, Luke Combs’ first album, debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 in 2017. On November 8, 2019, Luke Combs released his second album, What You See Is What You Get.

The album debuted at the top of the charts in many countries, making it his first to do so. On October 23, 2020, a deluxe edition of the album was published, which included the song “Forever After All.”

Luke Combs’ music has won him two iHeartRadio music awards, Entertainer of the Year in 2021, six Country Music Association Awards and four Academy of Country Music Awards, including two Grammy Award nominations.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Experiment

Luke Combs has had numerous achievements, but he has also had several setbacks. He suffers from anxiety and POOC problem. In addition, Luke Combs has just begun to lose weight. He did, however, manage to get rid of it. How did he do it? Let’s talk about it.

Luke Combs has suffered with obesity his whole life. And, despite being tormented in high school for it, something changed when he decided to do something about his weight.

When Luke Combs released his debut single “Hurricane” in 2016, he earned a lot of attention and appreciation. He did, however, receive a lot of harsh feedback about his weight.

However, this is not the only reason he has decided to embark on a weight-loss adventure. After all, losing weight isn’t just about putting a stop to some of your critics or those who are tormenting you.

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Sure, your look is vital, but losing unneeded and unhealthy weight is more important, and it is also excellent for your health.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Transformation

For a long time, Luke Combs had intended to do something about his weight. However, criticism and critical remarks about his appearance appear to have further fueled his determination to do something about it.

Luke Combs weight loss quest began at the end of 2016 and has made significant progress since then. Kevin Klug, Luke Combs’ trainer, has worked with him.

“I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life and have been working my ass hard to get to his point,” Luke Combs revealed in one of his Instagram photos.

“I really want to thank my buddy @klugfitness for sticking with me through the insane schedule and difficulties,” he said.

How did Luke Combs lose weight?

Luke Combs weight loss quest began with his wife, and subsequently with his girlfriend, Nicole Hocking. It appears to be lot simpler when you have a buddy beside you on your adventure.

Luke Combs and his companion began their quest by abstaining not just from junk food but also from meat.

By seeing at how little progress Luke Combs has made, it’s hard to believe he’s ever considered weight loss surgery.

Luke Combs and Nicole started a diet plan together and are great motivators for one other. The actual reason Luke Combs became vegan was when he lost his first bet to his keyboard player.

Doesn’t it seem a little strange? So here’s the story: Luke Combs gambled on a football game in which he backed his favorite club, the Carolina Panthers.

His keyboardist placed a wager on the Atlanta Falcons. In the end, he was defeated. This enraged him, and he resolved to go vegan for the following three months.

He was most likely viewing his failure as a chance to lose weight. Luke Combs bets his same keyboard player that he will go vegan for 90 days this time. Our next topic of discussion will be how it worked out. Which is, of course, fascinating.

Luke Combs Diet Strategy

Luke Combs’ diet consisted primarily on abstaining from junk food. As previously said, he lays a wager with his opponent.

In one of his interviews, Luke Combs stated, “I am currently 11 days into my vegan trip.” To put it another way, I’m still alive. I eat a lot of protein bard and veggies.”

He went on to describe his dilemma, saying, “If you don’t have a notion about being vegan, it’s no animal products no matter what.” There is no meat, milk, cheese, or butter. And believe me, it stinks and isn’t good. I know it’ll be difficult, but I’m confident I’ll get through it.”

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Where he described his diet struggles, he also expressed how much he missed meat. “I’m looking forward to a decent dear steak once this is all said and done,” he remarked.

Just a friendly reminder that Luke Combs’ girlfriend, Nicole, was also along for the ride, and she was also turning vegan.

However, once again, Luke Combs’ intentions did not go as planned. After just 30 days as a vegan, Luke Combs lost another wager to his keyboard player.

Unfortunately, he had some bad luck, but he made some progress, which provided him some incentive. Luke Combs’ girlfriend, like him, failed.

Since then, Luke Combs has forgotten about his veganism, as well as the possibility of taking a wager. He has, however, continued to consume meat, albeit in smaller quantities than before.

However, if you haven’t made a big bet on eating meat, you may eat animal healthy products as part of your healthy diet plan. All you have to do is limit your intake of junk food and limit your consumption of meat.

Luke Combs Workout Routine

Luke Combs Weight Loss Workout Routine

Where Luke Combs’ diet plan (or, more correctly, his wager) failed, his training plan was more effective.

It didn’t matter if it was his trainer, Kevin Klug, or Luke Combs himself, but jogging was not a waste of time.

Kevin’s attitude toward training, according to Luke Combs, is as follows. “He was a great help to me and helped me improve my discipline.” Give him a call if you’re in Nashville and need your ass kicked. Because he knows how to stomp.”

Kevin Klug is a certified personal trainer. He also owns and operates the Klug Fitness Club.

Luke Combs lost how much weight?

Luke Combs did lose weight, whether it was due to his diet plan or a rigorous workout with Kevin. During his travels, he shed 10 pounds. “Yes, I’ve lost 10 pounds,” he said, “and I realize that’s remarkable for a foodie like me.”

Where is Luke Combs at this point in his weight-loss journey?

Luke Combs appears to have abandoned his diet plan after all. He hasn’t been spotted around the gym in a long time.

However, if you’re having trouble losing weight, you need to get moving. Placing a wager on your weight loss journey is a great idea if it works out for you. However, if you have a strong dedication to yourself and control over yourself.

Then there’s the fact that you don’t need to place any bets to reach your goals. Also, remember that “Health is Wealth.”

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A diet plan does not imply abstaining from delicious foods, but rather abstaining from bad foods.

Once you’ve lost some weight, you’ll be able to consume delicious stuff. Of course, you will have to exercise restraint and will not be able to consume as much as previously.

Luke Combs Weight Loss Before And After Photos

Luke Combs weighed roughly 226 pounds before beginning his gamble and training. However, after some time with his trainer and abstaining from heavy foods.

Luke Combs currently weighs 216 pounds, or 98 kilograms. And it appears that Luke Combs is pleased with his accomplishment.

What did Luke Combs have to say about his weight-loss journey?

Luke Combs seemed to be dissatisfied with his travels and, more specifically, ‘Bet.’

He expressed his dissatisfaction by asking, “Did I respect that bet for being vegan?” NO, I did not do so. I made it little over a month and I was like, ‘Man, I don’t really want to do this anymore, so I made the bet with my keys player nevertheless, and I seriously pondered dismissing him if I had to follow that wager for the entire 90 days.’ So, of course, he was fine with my giving up.”

Luke Combs appears to be enamored with tender, juicy flesh.

However, abstaining from some foods that are bad for you is not a difficult task. Many others, in fact, have done so.

Not just regular folks, but even celebrities, have participated. Remember, all you need to do is believe in yourself and plan for the future. Thank you very much.


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