Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss [EXPLAINED]

Facts about Savannah Guthrie weight journey, the keto diet, and exercise routine. Check out her transformation before and after in 2021.

Savannah Guthrie Savannah Guthrie, who is the host of Today Show, is always open about her pursuit of well-being and health, such as her workout routine and diet.

The morning news anchor is always trying to find the right balance, which is difficult due to her busy work schedule and family life as a mom of two children.

Guthrie tried the fabled keto diet, and so did numerous other famous people, including the one she calls her Today co-hosts, Al Roker. Guthrie has had a positive and bad experience with the keto diet; however, there was one flaw that really annoyed her.

Many fans have recently noted Savannah Guthrie’s slimmer figure from 2021. What did she do to slim down? Let’s find out.

Savannah Guthrie Weight Loss Journey

Dietary ketosis, which includes very low-carb and high-fat consumption, is now a favorite with celebrities like Halle Berry and LeBron James. Guthrie chose to put the keto diet to the test but was immediately dissatisfied by the absence of improvements.

The show isn’t doing anything whatsoever, Guthrie stated on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, as stated in Health Magazine and Health Magazine, saying she had not lost any weight even after almost two months on the program.

Although Guthrie was not thrilled by the restriction on carbs and sugars, She did enjoy partaking in fat-rich meals, which she typically isn’t a fan of.

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In an interview with Per People, she said to Dr. Oz that you can increase your fat intake, which is kind of amusing. In certain aspects, it is necessary to restrict your carb intake — no carbs whatsoever; in fact, it’s a strict restriction. However, there are certain foods she’d never consumed a large amount of before, including bacon and cheese.

Now, fast forward to 2021, which doesn’t appear true since Guthrie has recently seen a significant weight loss. What is the cause?

We can’t confirm or deny it currently. One thing that we can confirm absolutely is that Savannah isn’t sick at all. She is healthy and well, and the weight gain will likely result from a conscious effort.

The television host still has to reveal the details of her latest physical transformation, so we’ll be hoping she will address it soon.

Savannah Guthrie Previously Shared Mixed Feelings About The Keto Diet

Savannah Guthrie says the keto diet has made her mind sharp’ however it has resulted in her body having less energy. She is the Today anchor, who is 49, co-anchored the show experimented with the well-known, high-fat diet. It resulted in both negative and positive results.

Guthrie was on the Dr. Oz Show:

I really enjoyed I enjoyed it. I’m not looking to shed weight or anything like that; however, you could be tempted to eat too much and would like to shed 3 or 4 pounds. So I did it, and I enjoyed it. It’s still doing it.

A mother with two children said that she enjoyed eating foods high in fat that she would normally avoid. She added,

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It’s packed with cheese and meat. It’s a salad made of meat. It’s similar to salad and grilling chicken, but it’s extra fat, which is amusing. So, in some ways, you’re forced to cut out completely of carbs, and that’s very restrictive; however, it’s also given me the chance to taste things I wouldn’t indulge in, like bacon and cheese, which is why I like it.

On the contrary, Guthrie said that the diet left her feeling uneasy.

She added,

I feel less energetic and am not eager to work out for long. I believe I need the carbs to feel like I’m ready to go for an exercise routine or run or whatever else I can do.

The bright side is that Guthrie discovered that she can recall more details -which could be useful when she’s getting ready for the midterm elections.

Guthrie said,

Hoda Kotb, co-anchor] said she believes it’s made my brain sharper. I kept recollecting things -she’s like, “How did you think that?’ and I’d think, ‘Oh, it is on the 252nd page in this book. Then she’s saying, ‘Where’s it coming from? This keto diet’s crazy!’ I’m sure it has made me sharper.

Guthrie is more enthusiastic about the keto diet now than earlier when she didn’t see the desired results.

In the show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she said:

It’s actually not doing anything. I’ve never lost anything! I’ve never lost anything. However, I’ve had a lot of bacon and enjoyed it.

Things have definitely changed in recent times.

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