Jenni Rivera Samadhi Zendejas Plastic Surgery [REVEALED]

Find out the entire story behind Jenni Rivera’s Mariposa de Barrio star Samadhi Zendejas plastic surgery procedures, including Botox injectors and lip fillers, by looking at before and after photos.

Samadhi Zendejas was on the screen for over 10 years on the Mexican television network when she was just a young girl.

From special events to advertisements, her career has been a success as a model and actor, culminating in her telenovela debut in 2009 at Atrevete a Sonar. The year she was in 2010, she won the Premio TVyNovelas Female Revelation Award for her outstanding performance.

Since since then, she’s appeared in short films as well as several telenovelas, including the Telemundo series Mariposa del Barrio (2017), Milagros de Navidad (2017), Enemigo Intimo (2018) and the telenovela Falsa Identidad (2018-21).

The Samadhi Zendejas’s Plastic Surgery – Botox And Lip Fillers?

Many criticize Samadhi Zendejas’ use of excessive botox or fillers. They don’t spare any attempts for her to tell them on Instagram that she’s much better off without plastic surgery.

In June, the actress created controversy on her social media accounts after uploading a picture in which she was slammed with accusations of cosmetic enhancements. When she uploaded her photo to the photo-sharing site, the fans started commenting on her luscious lips.

One fan slammed (roughly translated into English), “You had gorgeous lips … Please keep your mouth clean and don’t hurt yourself.”

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The second warning was, “Don’t f&&k your lips for a while; you’ll are losing your appeal.”

Another person said, “Her mouth looks like an emaciated chicken’s gizzard.”

The third person seemed shocked. “Omg, What is she doing to her lips? They appear super large.”

Although most of them were critical and scathing, there were those who supported her, arguing that it was just the way she posed and the position in her mouth that made her lips appear bigger.

Samadhi Zendejas replied by saying it’s better to not let the hateful people speak since she’s not frightened by the comments.

Despite the numerous accusations against surgical procedures, this renowned model usually delights her fans with dancing videos or sexy images that show her stunning and well-muscled body.

This gorgeous soap opera actress is currently averaging 3.4 million Instagram followers. Instagram.

Is Samadhi Zendejas The Person You Think She Is?

She was born Jill Samadhi Zendejas Adriano on 27th December 1994 in Mexico. The actress was first noted for her Premios TVyNovelas Award-winning performance as Amaya Villalba in the Mexican television drama Atrevete a Sonar before getting noticed in the role of Abril in the telenovela Esperanza del Corazon.

Before her first professional journey, she honed her talents in Mexico City Televisa’s CEA acting class.

The Jenni Rivera Mariposa de Barrio star is known for her romantic relationships with Jorge Coch (sibling of actress Jessica Coch) and fellow TV show star Alejandro Spitzer.

In terms of her childhood and family, she spent most of her early years living in Mexico City. Her siblings include actor Adriano as well as Dassana Zendejas.

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She appeared alongside Sergio Corona in many Como Dice el Dicho Telenovela scenes.


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