Kym Whitley Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Plan

An American comedian from the United States, Kym Whitley, recently went on a losing weight process and has successfully shed 25 pounds in just 5 months. Let’s have a review of Kym Whitley’s weight-loss story.

Kym Whitley Weight Loss Journey

Kym Whitley has tried to shed weight numerous times in the past. However, she could not change her eating habits and put on weight again. This time, she wanted to try something completely different.

Kym was a part of the WW program that assists people in getting fit. Kym was sticking with the program and was learning tips for staying focused on her fitness journey. Kym wasn’t a fan of diet programs for weight loss, but this program was a great help to her.

What Made Kym Whitley Lose Weight?

Kym was keeping track of everything using the WW tracker application. Small efforts can make a huge difference. There are some simple guidelines she followed that made a difference. Kym changed her diet to healthier food and snacks offered through WW (weight watchers).

A feature on WW asks you to select items you already have in your fridge. Selecting the food items in your fridge will provide healthy recipes, and you can cook with these ingredients.

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Kym Whitley Weight Loss: Diet Plan

She was on a diet that included all fruits, snacks, and healthy meals recommended by WW. Kym enjoyed taco soup at least every week. The other thing that helped her greatly was to drink a lot of water. This is a bit of extremely important advice. Of those who lost weight, 90% drank lots of water since it keeps their stomach full. Kym ha

Drinking plenty of water will help you stay away from eating too much. It’s simple to incorporate into your daily routine. Start doing it now if you’re experiencing weight loss issues.

Kym Whitley Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Kym did not go to the gym frequently. She was on the treadmill, engaging in other small exercises to get her body active. One of her advice is to move your body while using your phone. If you’re on your phone, you shouldn’t sit in a slouch and move to wherever you are. This will help keep your body active.

Do You Know If Kym Whitley Has Undergone A Weight Loss Surgery?

Yes, Kym didn’t go through an operation to shed weight. She chose the natural route to boost her health, and it worked. Kym shed weight by eating well and doing a lot of physical activity.

Kym Whitley Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Kym Whitley Lose Weight 2022 Before And After

Kym Whitley has joined WW, and within five months, she’s lost 25lbs. In all, she’s lost 29 pounds, and she’s still keeping track. Kym has set a goal to lose 40 pounds. She hasn’t stopped her health routine. Kym stated that she is happy with her progress and will stick to this healthy routine as long as possible.

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Does Kym Whitley On Weight Watchers?

Kym Whitley has indeed become the spokesperson of Weight Watchers. The announcement was made to her as an ambassador for Weight Watchers in May.


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