Chris Evert Plastic Surgery: Did She Go Under the Knife?

Everything you need to know about the former Tennis star Chris Evert plastic surgery procedure, particularly Botox injections and eyelid surgery. Check out her before and after photos.

Chris Evert, a former world number one tennis player in the America United States, may have had plastic surgery. She is truly stunning for her age at the age of 66. Some say that she appears artificial and not natural.

Naturally, her playing time as a professional meant she was exposed to the sunshine for long periods each day. We’ve all witnessed how much sun exposure can affect your skin! Also, have they actually made any cosmetic improvements? Let’s discover.

Chris Evert’s Plastic Surgery – What’s The Tea?

In 2012, the public noticed that Chris Evert appeared unnatural, and many expressed concern that she was not getting older gracefully.

One player was puzzled in the Tennis forum,

Are you awed by the look of Chris Evert’s eyes when they take close-ups of her, especially her eyes? Absolutely freaks me out. It appears like she’s had a lot of plastic procedures. Why don’t people age gracefully? On a side note, she’s a poor commentator.

While ignoring the poor commentator portion, which is brutal, one of the responses seemed to make some sense.

A person said that excessive exposure to sunlight can prevent tennis pros from getting old gracefully. As we all know, those who appear on TV are often advised to look appealing.

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However, one could argue that this could be an excuse since you think they could truly want to, but it’s more about her attitude than the number of wrinkles.

In all likelihood, it is quite apparent that Evert has done some work to her face. Many fans believe that they have the boob. However, it’s not certain. There’s something else that’s not right about her eyes. They don’t appear like they do in the way they should.

In 2017 a post on another forum wrote,

Chrissie is pretty attractive for a woman who is 62 years old. She’s likely had botox or plastic surgery, but it’s not unusual among the older celebrities that work in TV. Evert appears slim and well-groomed. However, she has this strange manner of continuously holding her mouth and pursing her lips. I’m unsure whether she has always done this or if it might be connected to botox or another treatment.

Our experts from Weight & Skin delved into the subject and compared her before and post-changes. After careful examination, it is clear that Chris Evert has had Botox injections and Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery.

The rumors of facelifts and breast implant procedures seem somewhat out of the question.

Chris Evert Blamed Menopause For Her Divorce From Her Ex-Husband Andy Mill

Chris Evert, the tennis legend, spoke out about her wedding to Olympian Andy Mill, saying that menopausal hormones played a key role in their divorce in 2006.

On Lance Armstrong’s”The Forward” Podcast, Evert did not go into great specifics; however, she did mention that the hormonal changes associated with menopausal changes harmed her relationship, which lasted for 18 years.

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She added,

There was a difficult couple of years because I married Greg Norman, Andy’s friend. I’m not sure, but I was experiencing menopausal issues that aren’t discussed enough. What do women experience in their 50s or 50 or so?

Evert and Norman ended up divorcing after just 15 months of marriage.

Chris spoke to the People,

I spent my summer in Aspen to recover. The situation is back to normal, and my boys are my top priority.

Despite their challenges, Evert and Mill maintained a friendship with their three children, Colton, 25, Nicholas, 27, and Alexander, 29.

Evert said she’s still an extended family member with Andy even when they’re not together anymore. She believed that was the best method to define their relationship.


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