Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Transformation: How She Got Fit

We talked with her about Tessa Brooks weight loss experience, although she had been thinking about it since 2016.

In 2016, she pondered, “How am I supposed to lose weight when the best thing in life is mozzarella sticks?” since carbohydrate eating has always been a way of life for her.

Who is Tessa Brooks ?

Tessa Brooks Hammerschmidt was born on April 5, 1999 in Fresno, California, USA.

The actress has been showing off her dance abilities since she was a child.

She has stated in several interviews and on social media that dancing gives her confidence and makes her happy.

Tessa Brooks has a YouTube channel with 3.49 million subscribers.

In the summer of 2020, she posted a video on her weight loss in which she told her viewers she had dropped 20 pounds.

Tessa was never bothered about her weight because she has always been muscular and petite, as well as a foodie.

She used to gain weight faster than others, which was occasionally irritating for her.

She was dissatisfied with her figure and the fact that she worked in the entertainment industry.

She wanted to drop weight, but she also wanted to stay healthy, so she put her foot down.

She dropped almost 5-10 pounds by exercising and going to the gym, but after eating outside, she regained part of her previous weight.

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Methods

Tessa Brooks discussed her weight loss experience in 2019, but she was thinking about it since 2016.

“How am I meant to lose weight when the finest thing in life is mozzarella sticks?” she wondered in 2016. because carbohydrate eating was always her way of life.

Because she has a Muscley and Tiny physique, she readily gains weight if she continues to eat bad foods for a few days.

She stated that she had been attempting to lose weight for 1 to 2 years. But, every time, she would lose weight, maybe 5 to 10 pounds, by following a strict diet and working out, and she would gain it all back as soon as she relaxed the rules somewhat.

Tessa decided, frustrated, to make a significant decision and promise to herself that this time she will rigorously adhere to the diet and attend all of the gym sessions.

She began by removing harmful meals from her menu and recording all of the good foods in her meals. The following are the first nutritious foods she chose to start her weight loss journey.

  1. She included smoothies as a morning option.
  2. For the launch, consider a green light salad with chicken tacos.
  3. For dinner, she normally ate tacos or a wonderful light meal.
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She also stated that the most difficult aspect of her diet was eliminating dairy foods, as she enjoys eating dairy items. However, after she discovered the drawbacks of dairy products for weight loss, she eliminated them from her diet.

Despite the fact that it was difficult for her, Tessa realized the benefits of doing it. She loses weight and her skin becomes clearer and fresher than before, which is a plus for her.

Despite the fact that she was on a strict diet at the time, she chose a non-dairy dish since she knew it was healthier than the dairy one, and she loved it as well.

Tessa Brooks stated that, in addition to eating nutritious foods, she ate everything in moderation and attempted to have as many fat-free meals as possible while she was outside.

If her admirers are serious about losing weight, she advises them to eliminate chips, white rice, sour cream cheese, dairy items, especially cheese, and maize.

Brooks also stated that by eating a nutritious diet, she now has more energy, her brain works faster, and she doesn’t feel fatigued as soon as she used to.

Needless to say, the diva’s daily fitness routine was important in Tessa Brooks weight loss quest.

Aside from following a great nutritious eating plan, you must also physically exercise your body to lose weight. Tessa Brooks performance was unremarkable. She also had to workout in order to drop weight.

The diva isn’t a big admirer of the gym, nor is she a gym goer. “I’m not a person who likes working out at the gym,” Tessa said. Instead, she prefers to spend her time outside, going on hikes, attending Pilates classes, strolling around with friends, and so on. She is more at ease when she is dancing, which is her pleasure.

Tessa, in addition to dance, does Yoga and other workouts that may be done at home. The purpose of undertaking such additional exercise on a regular basis is to maintain the muscles strong and active.

The diva’s weight loss journey has included the following fitness program.

  1. Every time she begins exercising, she does at least 30 minutes of cardio.
  2. Then, for abs, perform planks for at least two minutes. She claims that the longer the workout, the better for abs. Move your hips from side to side as well.
  3. She contemplates doing 20 pushups every day to strengthen her arms.
  4. Tessa enjoys jumping lunges as well.

Tessa Brooks Loses 20 Pounds: How Did She Do It?

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss Diet

But, before we get into how Tessa lost weight, let’s look at what caused her to acquire weight in the first place.

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Tessa Brooks emphasized her body type since she was “muscly and small” when she was younger. She would quickly acquire weight, which was distressing for her because she enjoyed eating. She was also the type of person who ate her feelings away, which is how she began to acquire weight.

Tessa, dissatisfied with herself, took the life-altering choice to “be healthy.” Tessa wasn’t losing weight despite working out and eating well for a year. She’d drop 5-10 pounds on her diet, only to gain it back after dining outside.

As a result, she thought it was time to firmly follow the rule. Tessa’s meal plan includes a smoothie for morning, something green/light (salad, tacos) for lunch, and tacos or something light for supper if she was outside.

On the outside diet, she ate everything in moderation. If her followers wished to lose weight, she advised them to avoid eating chips, white/brown rice, sour cream, cheese, and maize.

Furthermore, “cutting out dairy” was her toughest struggle in the dietary restriction plan.

But it was all worth it in the end. Tessa stated that when she ate healthily, she “didn’t feel weary as quickly, her brain worked better, and she had more energy.”

Tessa worked out to sculpt her physique in addition to her eating habits. But she wasn’t the type of person who enjoyed going to the gym. She like to spend her time outside, hiking, taking pilates classes, dancing, and jogging.

Tessa opted to dance because it made her “happy,” despite the fact that she is also a professional dancer. So her key was to pick the workout that you like the most.

Stress Is the Reason She Gained Weight

Tessa Brooks Weight Loss

As she grew older, she saw that she was becoming more worried than normal. When she became stressed, she stated that she is the type of person who eats their feelings away. That’s exactly what she did.

It was how she gradually began to acquire weight. But, following those moments, she took the important choice to ultimately stick to her diet and fitness schedule. In early to mid-2019, she shed a total of 20 pounds as a result of the procedures described below.

Tessa Brooks Pre-Weight-Loss Appearance

Tessa Brooks wasn’t any less beautiful before she lost weight.

Here’s a comparison of her before and after she shed 20 pounds.

Tessa Brooks Before And After Weight Loss

Some may argue that she had no reason to make her weight loss such a huge deal. But it all comes down to self-confidence and how at ease we feel in our body.

Tessa was upset since she hadn’t lost weight. And, given that she works in the entertainment industry, where appearances are everything, it’s easy to see why she was overjoyed.

Furthermore, Tessa wasn’t simply showing off her physique. She was also bragging about the commitment and hard work she had put in. In doing so, she was able to influence many others.

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Tessa Brooks: How Does She Maintain Her Loss?

It is usually more difficult to keep a consistent weight than it is to lose weight. As a result, Tessa posted another YouTube video on her self-titled channel on how she is currently managing her weight.

Tessa claimed that she has recently grown less severe with her Dairy inTake. Now, she incorporates vitamins and celery juice into her daily diet; while she does not love drinking celery juice, she appreciates the advantages of celery juice, which is why she includes it in her menu.

She also stated that when she consumes cheese or other foods containing a significant amount of dairy, she tends to exercise more than normal.

She also thought that a healthy diet should include cheat days. Eating nutritious meals all of the time might be tiresome at times. As a result, a cheat day can help you peel away your ennui.

She gradually discovered the advantages of drinking water. She now drinks the prescribed amount of water every day. Water, according to Brooks, had a big influence in her weight loss efforts. Her body is kept hydrated and fresh by water. As a result, she was able to concentrate on her gym session with a clear mind.

Tessa Brooks’s Current Height, Weight, And Measurements

Tessa Brooks's Current Height, Weight, And Measurements After Weight Loss

Tessa Brooks is presently 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) tall and weighs roughly 56 kgs (123 lbs).

Tessa also stated that her weight fluctuated a lot. But she was always able to keep it between 54kg (120 lbs) and 57kg (140 lbs) (126 lbs).

Her physical dimensions were reported to be 34-25-36 inches (86-63.5-91.5 cm) and a dress size 8 (US) or 40. (EU).


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