Akbar V. Weight Loss: Surgery, Diet Plan & Workout Routine

The famous actor Akbar V from ‘Love & Hip Atlanta’ has undergone a special diet and weight loss experience. She also posted Akbar V. weight loss experience on social media to her followers. Akbar V is very transparent about her entire journey. She has shared the challenges she faced and the outcomes she was happy after the challenging times.

Let’s talk about the Queen of Atlanta Akbar V. weight loss journey.

Akbar V. Weight Loss Journey

Akbar V’s enjoying a great life and doing lots of amazing things. At some point, she was not feeling well regarding her health. She was determined to better her health and find new possibilities in life. Akbar conducted her own research on ways to shed weight. After speaking with several of her acquaintances, she decided to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery.

Akbar was scared of having surgery. However, she chose an experienced doctor recommended by many of her acquaintances. Then, she set a date with her physician and discussed the surgery process.

What Made Akbar V Shed Weight?

After much research, she was prepared for the gastric sleeve operation. When you undergo gastric sleeve surgery, they cut off certain areas of your stomach, making you feel less hungry.

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With a smaller stomach, her eating habits change as well. She was now eating less food, and as a result, she shed significant weight.

Akbar V. Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Akbar V didn’t talk about her diet plan publicly. She adhered to a diet plan that was designed by her doctor. This helps to accelerate the process of recovery. She is currently not adhering to any diet program. She’s focusing on not eating fast food or soda drinks frequently.

Akbar V. Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Following her surgery, it was tough to move efficiently. She did not do any type of workout during that time. However, she was moving around at a slow pace to keep her body fit and also running.

Do You Think Akbar Has An Abdominal Tuck?

Yes, after her gastric Sleeve surgery, she had two more surgeries to fully recover. She also had the tummy tuck and claimed to have experienced lots of pain in the aftermath. Akbar took many painkillers and medications that were advised by doctors to heal completely.

Akbar V. Weight Loss: Before & After

Before beginning this journey to lose weight, her weight was 297 pounds. After completing the steps, her weight dropped to 191 pounds. Akbar shed an additional 106 pounds.

What Is Akbar V.’s Real Name?

The real Akbar V’s name is Valerie Raven. However, many don’t know her real name, and she became famous because of her Akbar V name.

What Is The Relationship Between Kandi And Akbar V.?

It’s true; Kandi is their cousin of Akbar. Kandi can help her when she needs help.

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The Final Words

Akbar V’s journey to lose weight required an arduous process, and she was transparent about her experience. Many other famous people like Niecy Nash and Wynonna Judd share their weight loss journeys to encourage others to get involved.


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