Colleen Lopez Weight Loss: How She Transformed Her Body

An American TV personality and businesswoman. Colleen Lopez began working as a journalist. At the beginning of the 90s, Home Shopping Network (HSN) approached Colleen for an invitation to join their team. The network invited her to join HSN, and she relocated to St.Petersburg, Florida, with her family.

Colleen was a regular on various TV shows and has succeeded in her professional career. Her fame is also due to their weight loss story. Colleen was to shed excess weight and maintain an active lifestyle. She also shared tips with her fans to aid them along the way.

Colleen Lopez Weight Loss Journey

Colleen began losing weight a long time ago. She began by cutting out unhealthy and unnecessary items from her diet. Colleen had a habit of eating that was not good for her health. She gained weight when she continued eating this way for a while. Eventually, Colleen began to feel tired. Her energy levels dropped, and she began to feel tired quickly after doing a little work.

Then she made a decision to alter her life. The first step was to control the food items going into her body. Colleen began to pay attention to what she was eating and changed it to healthier foods.

Colleen Lopez Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Colleen’s diet was simple. “I cut out dairy,” she said. Colleen “started eating fresh fruits and vegetables and cut off white bread.” These small changes to her diet have significantly changed over the long run. She began feeling more healthy and happy.

Another option she took was to substitute cold drinks with water when feasible. She believes that drinking more water is better as opposed to cold beverages. She was sure she drank enough water each day. This made her stomach full, and she didn’t get hungry.

Colleen Lopez Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Her exercise routine is easy. She worked out in the morning (if possible) since that was when she felt her day more energetic. Colleen also did yoga at times. The small, healthful habits have changed her life. The quality of her life and work improved due to these changes.

Colleen Lopez Weight Loss: Before And After

After making these minor modifications, she will continue regularly making these habits. Colleen maintains her healthy lifestyle and shed a lot of weight that was not needed. She now lives a happy and healthy life.

The Final Words

Colleen Lopez can be described as a thriving person. She did manage to take an hour from her hectic schedule to focus on her health. Her lifestyle didn’t change completely. Colleen began her journey by taking baby steps toward her objectives.

Would you like to shed weight but have difficulty starting your journey? Follow the Collen Lopez plan by starting with small steps and pursuing them for a lengthy period. Your small steps will result in huge changes you could never think of.


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