Nikki Cross (Nicola Glencross) is a well-known professional wrestler. She is currently wrestling under WWE’s Raw label, Nikki A.S.H. But her fans recognize her under her former WWE name Nikki Cross.

The turning point in Cross’s career was when she appeared on stage for WWE. Nikki’s appearance with Alexa Bliss was such a success that she’s become well-known. Nikki was able to make a place her own place in WWE through her incredible performance. However, she was accused of being overweight.

Certain WWE fans had a scathing view of Cross for being overweight and should not be able to compete in the sport of wrestling. Nikki did not give it much thought, and she was surrounded by more supportive fans than those who criticized her. But, as the years passed, Cross began to realize that she was causing a problem with her athletic performance.

Insecure about her career and health, Nikki started a journey to improve her health. She started her weight loss process. To achieve that, Nikki left WWE for more than 100 days and began paying attention to her health.

In the meantime, her fans were concerned about Nikki and her absence, but their worries went away when they saw a fit and healthy Cross. Nikki responded well to those who criticized her. Let’s see what made Nikki shed weight.

Nikki Cross Weight Loss Journey

Nikki is an experienced wrestler who can maintain her health. Regarding her size, Cross’s busy work schedule did not leave her with enough time to manage it. However, when she was off for over 100 days, Nikki determined to fix the issue.

Nikki began to spend much of her time at the gym, where she performed all kinds of exercises. From situps to pushups, boxing to cycling. Nikki also took swimming lessons. The Scottish wrestler also went on walks for a long time every day.

Cross would leave home at breakfast to improve her health and fitness and return at lunchtime. She also made a few adjustments to her eating habits. Cross was a follower of the phrase, an apple every day can keep the doctor at bay. Apples and vegetables became the principal ingredient in Nikki’s dinner.

She stopped eating at a restaurant and began cooking her food at home. Cross also stopped eating food items that had sugar. Nikki could have freshly picked fruit and juice from vegetables as an alternative to soft drinks and liquor.

Nikki Is The Perfect Body For Wrestling

When we talk about Nikki Cross weight loss, I don’t believe she’s getting skinnier. There is no difference. Actually, her body is still one of the best wrestlers. She just burnt some fat; instead of it, Cross has real muscle.

Nikki Cross Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Nikki Cross Weight Loss 2022 Before And After

Thanks to her hard work, Nikki has succeeded in losing 20 pounds. Nikki weighs 117 pounds compared to her previous weight of 137 pounds.

Last Words

At present, the healthy Nikki performs as a professional in WWE and has seen more success than she had not previously. Nikki is a Scottish professional wrestler who has been married and lives happily alongside another pro wrestler, Domain Mackle. If you’re inspired by Cross’s weight loss journey, you can follow in her footsteps and change your body to benefit the future.

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