Sam Larson Weight Loss: Lost 80 Pounds!

If you don’t already have any connections with Larson personally, you’ve surely seen him on Alone on History network’s series, Alone. Sam is a writer and outdoor instructor. Larson offers wilderness living classes.

He took part in Alone in the first season. But he didn’t get far enough. However, when Larson returned for season five, He was well-prepared for the contest and was crowned the winner of the entire season. As you may know, winning Alone isn’t easy to be successful at.

The contestants must stay in the wilderness for a long time, and the person who is successful in staying the longest is declared the winner. In the present, living in nature isn’t the only factor. Contestants must stay wild in the wild without receiving water or food from the outside of that wild.

Sam Larson Weight Loss: Sam Larson Dropped 80 Pounds And Still Survived

The contestants had to remain within Mongolia and survive, obtaining their own water and food from whatever resources they could access. After a couple of weeks, Sam was having trouble getting food. Sam was so desperate as well-fed that he lost control of his life.

After having been hungry for more than eight days, Larson’s energy level was drained. He realized that he would likely be eliminated and lose the contest. Larson tried to stay engaged at all costs.

Sam began looking for the worms that he could eat. Worms were not too difficult to locate out in nature. The worms even fed him, which he still remembers to the present day. Larson said the experience was ” gross when he was eating the leech.”

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It wasn’t just food that was an issue. Mongolia’s harsh winter weather was an issue to be considered. Larson constructed the most comfortable shelter he could using wild materials. This is how he could remain on the show and eventually win. But, he also dropped the equivalent of 80 pounds while doing it.

How Is Sam Larson Right Now?

As of right now, Sam Larson is fit and healthy. He’s regained his energy and is in good health. Larson has a son and an infant daughter along with his spouse. They are all happy. When Sam returned home, his wife had taken great attention to him that, after a month, Larson was back and happy to the same point at which Larson left to go to the show.


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