Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Plan

An American comedian from America, Gabriel Iglesias, recently lost 50 pounds due to the pandemic. Gabriel was among the most popular comedians on lists for 2018. You’re on the right track if searching for a Gabriel Iglesias weight loss journey.

In this article, we’re going to look at his diet, exercise plan, and other ways he shed weight.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Journey

Gabriel Iglesias started his weight loss journey in 2013 and 2014. He began to experience health issues as a result of his weight. The sugar level was quite high, and he was eating without restriction.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss: Surgery

After he had several health problems, the patient went to the doctor. The doctor advised him to avoid food choices that are unhealthy. Gabriel sought advice from the doctor on losing weight. The doctor advised him to undergo the gastric bypass procedure. However, Gabriel did not want to alter his body’s shape. He was satisfied with his body and wanted to shed some weight naturally. Therefore, he has decided not to undergo surgery.

In The Pandemic

Before the outbreak, Gabriel didn’t have much time to think about his health and perform regular physical exercises. He was traveling around the globe. Therefore, everything was shut down during the lockdown, and he had plenty of time. He began to think about losing weight.

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Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Restaurants were all closed during the lockdown. Gabriel was left with no other choice but to cook at home. He chose to cook himself. This was something he had never before done. It was something new to him. He said, “Before I was the driver-through king, now I am the King of my home kitchen.”

He prepared SPAM as well as eggs. He also cooked hot bacon, hot dogs, and other protein meals. His diet also included not eating fast food throughout this weight reduction journey. Gabriel followed a diet low in carbs, including lots of protein, vegetables, and fruits with low sugar. Gabriel also began drinking more water every day. Drinking more water made him eat less.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Gabriel started doing yoga. It was difficult for Gabriel to do the poses. However, he began doing simple poses. He received help from DDP. Additionally, he walked for 15-30 minutes on a treadmill daily.

What Weight Loss Did Gabriel Iglesias Lose?

2013 Gabriel, his weight stood at around 430lbs; however, after a weight loss, he shed over 100 pounds. In 2015, his weight was about 320 pounds.

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss: Before & After

In the course of the pandemic, the man lost 50 pounds. It was due to eating well and participating in exercises.

Gabriel Iglesias Diabetes

2013 was the year that Gabriel suffered from health problems. His sugar levels were rising significantly. The doctor advised the patient that if they continued following this lifestyle, he’d only have two years left. He began to eliminate all sweet drinks and food items from his diet. Now his sugar levels have returned to normal.

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