Lyn May Plastic Surgery Fail! [REVEALED]

Lyn May plastic surgery to improve her appearance damaged her face to the extent that it was hard to identify her. What cosmetic procedures did she choose to use? After and before the transformation.

Born in the year 1952. Lilia Mendiola de Chi is an exotic Mexican dancer, vedette, and actress best known under her pseudonym de war Lyn May.

Through the decade of the ’70s and the ’80s, She was among the most well-known Mexican starlets, a well-known model of sex, and one of the most prominent starlets in Fichera’s film.

However, Lyn May has recently been in the news for her botched plastic surgery, which caused her to lose her gorgeous natural look. What happened? Let’s discuss.

Lyn May Plastic Surgery: What Treatment Has Ruined Her Face?

Lyn May has been establishing her name as a popular performer throughout Mexico and Latin America, particularly since she began her professional career early in her career.

With this in mind, there is no doubt that Lyn May was a thriving actress for several years. However, her popularity and fame waned over time, leading to the desire to undergo plastic surgery.

The actress has often admitted that she was afraid of getting older, which could be why she decided to undergo plastic surgery to live in the future. But, it wasn’t as planned, as the procedure triggered a drastic transformation in her life, the negative.

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Over time The actress determined to have her face sculpted to rejuvenate her appearance. To achieve this, she contacted the help of a doctor who would perform the procedure that was most suitable for her. For whatever reason, Lyn could never have thought of how her life would be affected due to the sagging of her face.

The Mexican starlet was believed to have been injecting baby oil during an alleged cheekbone surgery that destroyed and disfigured her face more with time because of her facial characteristics. When she realized the problem, she attempted a variety of surgeries to correct the issue. However, it was of little avail.

When Lyn May battled for a while to keep her old appearance Lyn May did her best and accepted the results of her desire to have plastic surgery. Today, she doesn’t take kindly to the opinions of harsh critics.

The actress stated,

I’m not going back now because there is nothing I’ve realized that I need to be who I am to be content and optimistic despite hardship as I’ve accepted myself as the person I am.

Bravo to this legendary woman!

Lyn May Has Previously Displayed Her Face Pride Following Surgery

Lyn May was undergoing surgery in 2020. She proudly showcased her new appearance during Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Dia program. The 68-year-old Mexican actress was asked to display her post-surgery looks.

May was wearing a mask for the event and covered her face to increase viewers’ anticipation. Lyn appeared alongside Un Nuevo Da drivers Jorge Bernal, Hector Sandarti, and the doctor. They administered cosmetic treatments to her face, Jose Achar.

After speaking to the driver, Lyn May stated that her hips and waist are authentic; however, she’d like bigger breasts. The cosmetic surgeon began to look at her face.

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Per Jose Achar, the vedette was a bit swollen on her face as she was suffering from a serious issue that constantly afflicted her.

With her fresh face shining, Lyn May exclaimed:

I’m dreaming and thankful to the doctor (Jose Achar).

The interview was uploaded to The New Day’s YouTube account. It was viewed over a million times and many comments, some of which supported Lyn May, and some were negative.

One user wrote,

There’s a noticeable positive transformation in that her face appears less irritable and has slightly smaller cheekbones. I believe you should be a bit more human with her. Offer her all your blessings to ensure that she can continue recovering gradually, even if it’s little by tiny.

Some people thought she wasn’t looking better with her features. However, they all agreed that she had a gorgeous body.

It’s not a lot to change, but you must remember that the woman already has a damaged face and is old. However, it’s not necessary to say that she still has a beautiful body, and many are already looking for it.

It’s no surprise that Lyn May seemed genuinely happy and enthused by her new look, so it was nice to know that many people were in her support.


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