Biko Wright Weight Loss: How He Lost 50 Pounds?

Biko Wright is famous for his role in the History Channel’s show, Alone. The show has been the heart of viewers. Wright will be the adored person on the show. Alone, the show Alone was an amazing experience thus far. The central focus of the show is on the concept of survival.

The actors (actors) in the TV show, Alone are called “Survivors.” They must endure the most severe conditions and locations on the planet. They must discover how to survive. They need to be able to locate shelter and food.

Since Biko was one of the show’s survivors or the most famous survivor, so he required shelter and food. In some ways, it negatively affected his health.

How Did The Show “Alone” Impact Biko’s Overall Health?

Wright was forced to endure extreme conditions. It was almost impossible for anyone to survive. Wright had to live there for several days. Wright needed to eat what it was he could find in the forest or in the mountains. This, of course, isn’t a typical eating method.

His sleeping pattern was also disrupted. Of course, if your primary needs such as sleep and food aren’t fulfilled, your health will be negatively affected.

Biko has lived at the foot of the mountains ever since an infant. He is a lover of the wild along with his grandparents. However, He remains a living human. The human body also has requirements.

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If not satisfied, it could create some problems. The consequence of Biko Wright for not eating or sleeping properly was that he shed an immense and unhealthy quantity of fat. His weight was at a dangerous level.

Biko Wright Weight Loss Journey

Wright and other contestants got stuck with other contestants in the Canadian mountains during season 8. In the Canadian mountains, they had difficulty finding shelter and food. The most significant issue was food.

Biko Wright didn’t have much to consume. He spent 26 days in the mountains. Because of his poor eating habits, he lost 50 pounds! That was the worst impact of the event on his overall health. This is exactly what the survivors do. After a long time of starvation, Biko caught the rainbow trout and enjoyed his tasty feast.

How Is Biko Wright Now?

After filming Alone Season 8, Biko returned to his home with his wife. In the home, his spouse gave birth to two boys. He is extremely content in his new life. He becoming healthier than his former self.

Through diet and exercise, Biko Wright has managed his weight and is living a healthy lifestyle. He has started eating dairy and animal products. After all this, Biko Wright is much healthier and is ready to go to film season 9.


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