Malu Trevejo Plastic Surgery Transformation!

See Malu Trevejo plastic surgery before and after photos. She confessed to having an oblique job known as breast implants through a renowned doctor in Miami.

Malu Trevejo is among the Latin music industry’s most popular performers. Despite having only been in the business for a short time, her performance has already demonstrated her talent for making music that appeals to a broad audience.

Although she’s yet to release an album of her own, Malu’s debut EP “Una Vez Mas ” has received a lot of interest. Malu is an incredibly talented artist known for incorporating all elements of her culture in her music, using an eclectic mixture of English and Spanish tracks.

Furthermore, Malu is a famed social media influencer with millions of followers and her illustrious music career.

Recently, this artist has been at the forefront of speculations about plastic surgery online. In contrast to other celebs, she’s acknowledged having surgery and has explained the reasons behind taking the plunge.

Malu Trevejo’s Plastic Surgery Includes Breast Implants

Malu Trevejo is believed to have had plastic surgery following a time when she wasn’t happy with her body. She had previously shared a TikTok video of a well-known plastic surgeon Dr. Miami.

Just a few days after sharing the video, she uploaded an Instagram Story in which she wrote, “I completed it,” as if she indicated that she had had cosmetic surgery.

Trevejo later revealed her bruises after the operation. “I have just gotten some rashes on my breasts, LOL,” she wrote. “I’ll wear sun so it won’t be visible.”

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Then, Malu Trevejo took to Instagram, where she discussed her recent cosmetic updates. She wrote,

I have some good news to share with you. I’m unsure if I should upload a photo today and share the story by putting it in the caption. I’ll let you know if you think I should. I’m indeed recovering. I’m still not 100% recovered, but you’ll notice I’m much better. I’m moving. I could even take pictures and send them to me whether I’m allowed to.

The singer explained the process of making implanting breasts; the pop star said,

As you are aware of boobs. When you first notice them, they’re pretty sexy until around four weeks. You’re aware that you have them, and they begin falling down and look more natural, just like they do now.

Then, she displayed the outcomes of her efforts to improve her appearance. It was evident that her breasts appear larger today.

Even though the public was divided about her decision to undergo the knife. One fan said:

She was already beautiful. She didn’t need any cosmetic surgery.

Another one said,

She’s pretty as good as her.

The third one is the one that was claimed.

I’d rather not hear people commenting negatively about this. Her body is her decision.

You can see Malu Trevejo talking about her cosmetic procedures here. Also, she shows her breasts post the procedure and explains why she chose to undergo it.

Malu Trevejo Was Previously Accused Of Committing Racial Discrimination

It’s a known fact that teens can be a bit naughty. It’s never simple to move; however, moving to a different country can be even more challenging.

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In the year Malu Trevejo arrived in the United States, she witnessed this firsthand. Her classmates mocked her because she didn’t appear or sound like other students.

Malu’s goal was always to become a performer, but she couldn’t always have the confidence to take on the challenge. A lack of attention to her made her even more reluctant to share her talents with the public.

Her results were generally favorable if she decided to make herself a part of the spotlight.

The rise to fame of Malu hasn’t come without a fair moment of controversy. Malu was accused of being racist for referring to the COVID-19 virus as”Chinese virus “Chinese virus” during an Instagram Live event in the year 2000.

Then, she issued an apology.

Sorry — I’m not trying to be racist, but whenever I come across a Chinese person, I think, “uh, don’t breathe. ‘

Trevejo might be able to have apologized for her remarks and accepted them; however, she did not seem to grasp the significance of her comments.


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