Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss: How He Lost 25 Pounds!

If you’re an animal lover, You must have heard of Jackson Galaxy. Jackson Galaxy is famous for his appearance on the animal planet’s “My Cat from Hell” show. “The Cat Daddy has experienced many highs and lows throughout his life. He is extremely successful as a cat-related business and YouTube channel.

But, the most difficult issue for Galaxy has been his weight. Jackson struggled with his weight from the time the age of “10 an age”. Jackson has recently shed enormous weight that has shocked his followers. People are asking questions about Jackson Galaxy weight loss.

Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss Journey

As I mentioned earlier, Jackson was a weight-conscious man in his early years. At one time, Galaxy reached the highly risky weight that was 400lbs! This was a life-threatening experience.

Doctors advised Jackson to take action. He was advised to shed weight as quickly as possible. He had no other quick solution, so he underwent weight reduction surgery.

The year 2007 was the first time he underwent an operation to bypass gastric juice, which assisted him in losing 150 pounds. The surgery was risky. However, there were a few alternatives, and exercising appeared to be a good idea.

After Jackson’s operation, the situation began to deteriorate. Within one calendar year, his weight was 300 pounds. Again, Jackson struggled with weight. Galaxy was unhappy at the moment, as the situation was not working.

In 2014, the year Galaxy married Minoo Rihbar, and she provided the way for Jackson. She assisted him in getting back into shape. Before we get into ‘ How to do it, let’s look at the causes behind Jackson’s swift weight increase:

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Jackson Galaxy Weight Gain

There were many factors in Galaxy’s unhealthy weight. The most important reason Jackson struggled to lose weight was his poor habits. He was addicted to drinking and smoking. Both of these habits have a big chance of adding weight and leading to unhealthy circumstances.

Galaxy also suffered from an addiction. Jackson was hooked on food. Jackson typically ate too much and gained a lot of weight. After his weight loss operation, Galaxy quit smoking and drinking, but he was gaining weight.

It was because Jackson was still eating plenty of junk food. Jackson was obsessed with fast food. It was a real danger to his health. However, things changed after his marriage to Rihbar.

Which Method Helped Jackson Galaxy To Lose Weight?

With the assistance of his wife, Minoo, Galaxy started analyzing what he had eaten during his entire day. He realized that he was eating so many junk foods that a weight increase was inevitable. He began cutting out all the junk food items and replacing them with healthy foods.

In an appearance on Lite FM, Galaxy opened himself about how he has lost weight and transformed from a fan of fast food to a vegetarian. When asked what he did to lose the weight he did, Galaxy replied

“Well, first, you should work hard, not sleep, and avoid eating. I’m very busy, and it makes a difference when you’re that active.” Jackson continued, “But the primary reason I decided to go Vegan. When I decided to go Vegan, it slowed me down. I don’t exercise much since my job is sufficient.”

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He added, “My wife is also vegan and was the main driver behind my decision to go to a vegan lifestyle.”

Galaxy claimed it was a ” very easy transition.” However, it wasn’t an easy task to complete. In the end, there were many years of lust for fast food. Jackson explained his journey to becoming vegan “First, I eliminated every red met and then every kind of fish. After that, I became vegetarian, and I became completely vegan .”

He also dislikes the concept of diets; he said, “Diets do not work. The notion that ‘oh, I’ll follow a planned diet. I’m not going to consume the same thing twice isn’t working. The main point is that it shouldn’t be a feeling of making a sacrifice .”

Galaxy added, “If it’s a feeling of sacrifice, then it will not work. I’ve been through the basics and have been trying my best to lose weight since I was ten years young.” Galaxy advised his supporters to “go slow.” Although Jackson did not attend any fitness center, he practiced Yoga together with his wife of his, Minoo.

Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Jackson Galaxy Obesity 2022 Before And After

After fighting weight for nearly two decades, Jackson’s weight is around 190. The transition from 400 pounds to 190 pounds was not easy. However, Galaxy did not doubt himself and achieved it.

How Does Marriage Assist Galaxy In Conquering Addiction?

Humans are social creatures. We need people around us. We require someone who loves us. In most cases of food addiction, people fall into this type of addiction due to loneliness, and food provides comfort.

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Since Jackson was married to Minoo, He has beaten nearly every addiction. He has now lived a happy and healthy lifestyle. Minoo and Jackson are very happy. We wish the couple a healthy and long-lasting life.


Maybe we could use just a bit of assistance from someone. A few words of guidance from our loved ones. Don’t be afraid to solicit assistance from your loved ones.

Perhaps they have the answer to your issue. Similar to how Jackson received help from his wife. Jackson dropped from 400 pounds to 190lbs. This shows that losing weight isn’t as big of a thing as many believe it.


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