Linda Tripp Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Linda Tripp plastic surgery involves a nose-job, a neck reduction, chin tuck, facial peels, and liposuction. Look at Linda Tripp before and after the transformation to her face.

Linda Tripp, born on the 24th of November, 1949, was an American federal official. She played a pivotal part in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in 1998.

Tripp’s secretly recorded recordings of Monica Lewinsky‘s private conversations with her regarding her connections to president Bill Clinton sparked controversy because of their connection to the prior Clinton V. Jones lawsuit and the disclosure of personal details.

Tripp claimed that her motives were purely patriotic, and she could avoid being accused of wire-tapping by appointing a person to pick the tapes.

Before the passing of Linda Tripp, she had been researching a book entitled The Basket of Deplorables What I saw inside the Clinton White House, which was released on the 22nd of December, 2020.

In her admissions in The National Enquirer, Linda Tripp received a complete makeover from top to bottom by using multiple cosmetic surgery procedures like the nose job as well as chin tucks and the reduction of the neck and facial peel, and liposuction. She also experienced a weight drop of 40 pounds.

Linda Tripp died at the age of 70 because of pancreatic cancer. There was no further specific information about the reason for her death.

Linda Tripp Admits To Having Several Plastic Surgery Procedures

Hollywood is a favored location for plastic surgery since it is the home of the latest fashions, stars, and more. Long oval-shaped face Linda Tripp looked gorgeous and youthful in her late 70s. Linda confessed to having several cosmetic surgery procedures in the latter part of 1999 that were still working on her appearance to make her appear glamorous.

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When compared to the prior Linda and the current Linda, you can notice an enormous change. After 3 minutes of surgery, Linda looked completely different because she now had a slim, sharp, pointed nose. She may have had rhinoplasty as she could correct structural flaws and bumps and hooks completely changed.

Linda Tripp was a woman with loose skin around her eyes. Linda verified that she had lower eyelid lifts and removed bags from under her eyes. Linda also removed excess fat from her neck and chin. She tightened her skin to achieve a more attractive appearance.

She was determined to transform herself from a sexy duckling in the past, and plastic surgery wasn’t enough for her. She also embarked on a huge fitness and diet program.

Linda had a facelift procedure completed in 2008 in Los Angeles and has some improvement over before. However, Linda was not thrilled with the outcome since she was bothered by the cheek implants she received because they looked unnatural on her oval-shaped face. She claimed to be a bit familiar with her nemesis, Jay Leno, as her chin implants were causing her to look unnatural.

Linda admitted to having plastic surgery due to wanting to appear better for her wire-tap trial scheduled for Maryland; however, many people in the crowd believed that she was also going through several people who were snobs over her appearance.

Although plastic surgery may not be the only reason that makes Linda appear gorgeous young, and youthful, Linda also tried weight loss. She claimed that she lost 40kg, whereas her aim was to lose 60kg.

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Linda Tripp’s fear of her appearance resulted in a series of plastic procedures depicted in American Crime Story: Impeachment, including a scene of Linda watching the Saturday Night Live parody.

In an interview with People in 2003, Linda said that if she’d looked charming, happy, adorable, and charming, the media would not have portrayed her in the way they did, thus rendering the idea that she was a traitor towards Lewinsky absurd.

I don’t know how Linda got her costly plastic surgery procedures because they cost approximately $30k, according to estimates from experts.

Linda Tripp As Catalysts Between Clinton And Lewinsky Scandal

When Clinton and Lewinsky worked in the Pentagon’s public affairs department, Linda Tripp was a close confidante to Monica Lewinsky. The latter was an ex-White House employee.

According to Tripp, the two had been friends for an entire year before the scandal was made known. Following the time that Lewinsky admitted the information to Tripp that she was engaged to Clinton, Tripp began secretly recording conversations on the phone with Lewinsky and urging Lewinsky to record information regarding her relationships with the president under the direction of literary agent Lucianne Goldberg.

In the words of Michael Isikoff of Newsweek in August 1997, Tripp stated that she had seen Kathleen Willey coming out of the Oval Office “disheveled” with “her face red and lipstick off.”

Willey claimed Clinton groped her. “Linda Tripp cannot believe,” Robert S. Bennett, Clinton’s lawyer, said in an article in Newsweek. Clinton and Lewinsky both Clinton and Lewinsky ultimately had the opportunity to stand before a grand juror to answer questions; however, Clinton did so using closed circuit television.

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After Lewinsky’s deposition, jurors allowed her to speak her final words. “I despise Linda Tripp,” she declared.


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