Victoria Paul Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

Discover all the details about Bachelor in Paradise Star Victoria Paul plastic surgery. Particularly nose reshapes and various fillers. Take a look at Victoria Paul’s before and after photos.

The Bachelor of Paradise Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise is now officially in full swing, and there has been some controversy already.

Naturally, singles go to the beach hoping to strike a cube of ice with someone and leave the show with a commitment. But because of deceit, fraud, or even inability to find their desires in the program, very few contestants will be happy.

Victoria Paul appears to be the latest celebrity to cause irritation to others in the cast and social media users.

The rumors soon circulated the idea that Victoria P. had a lover at home. But, when James Bonsall inquired to confirm it, she completely denied the idea. However, Bachelor Nation and several beach contestants are skeptical about her account.

In addition to her romantic activities, Victoria P. is being questioned about the allegations that she has undergone plastic surgery. Has she undergone a knife? Let’s find out.

Victoria Paul Plastic Surgery: The Bachelor in Paradise’s Victoria Paul From Bachelor in Paradise Get Under The Knife?

Rumors are circulating via social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit that the Bachelor in Paradise alumni Victoria P. has had multiple plastic surgery procedures, most specifically rhinoplasty, also known as the nose job, along with numerous fillers for the face.

The fans compare photos of the nurse, 28, featured in Peter Weber‘s season 24 of The Bachelor – to illustrate how her look has changed in the last eight years.

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A Reddit user wrote:

Yes, she has been through more than only her nose. Some fillers appear to be used to shape the cheekbones, eyebrows, or maybe slimmer, more cheeks.

Some admirers want to remind us that it could be fake makeup. They believe that there’s no plastic surgery procedure in the mix.

Another Reddit user complained,

The way we apply makeup is different from seven years ago. You can alter the shape of your brow and lips and even contour your nose without doing any work. Whether she did or not, it’s her choice, and she’s beautiful whatever way you choose!

At the moment, this idea is nothing more than speculation since Victoria P. does not readily admit to having plastic surgery.

She possibly grew significantly between 20 and 28 and developed more sophisticated makeup techniques. However, the majority of viewers aren’t buying it!

Fans React To Victoria Paul Plastic Surgery Procedures

In the wake of Victoria Paul‘s before and after photos on Reddit the internet, many of her fans were in disbelief, but they were not surprised.

One user found it extremely troubling and claimed her “before” photos showed her as a gorgeous American girl next door.

The outcome is like any other plastic model in entertainment. It was difficult for her because she was convinced that she had to alter her appearance even though she was beautiful naturally.

A user suggested that it was an important topic and that they’re exhausted from hearing every season’s cast is stunning. Still, in reality, they’re more insinuated and sculpted.

They detest that this can create excessively high standards for girls enthralled by the show. Furthermore, a viewer stated that her cheek filler was terrible and that it could make her look like the Star Trek species whose name she’s not sure of.

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Another user shared,

I do not want to appear as if I’m criticizing her for doing what she likes with her body, but I hate watching this. Her face was already beautiful, and she decided to get new looks. I’m unable to imagine doing something similar myself.

Another person also said they can relate to the pressure to look perfect and the judgment and criticism from being in the public eye. However, they would like to see someone maintain their natural “imperfect” nostril and simply wear it these days.

The person who said there’s no specific dislike of this lady. She’s beautiful before and after and can accomplish anything she wishes using her body.

A Redditor also sort of supported her surgical improvements.

If she’s pleased with her new face/nose, I’m thrilled for her. I hope that no one sees the gorgeous beauty she’s right now and thinks, “why do I feel like I’m not enough? Why was I not born with a gift?” I guess that’s the hardest part because she’s not a famous person but a “real woman looking for love,” and, like… nearly no person watching this show would ever be able to afford the amount of (clearly) well-crafted) work she’s put into it.

Most people likely agree that her plastic surgery consists of removing her nose and fillers for the face, lips work, and brow lift.

The majority of fans know the reasons why people would like to alter the appearance of their models. However, it was very expensive. Most youngsters who follow and watch the contestants don’t have the money to pay for this.

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It’s sad how many girls in the entertainment world have to perform their work as if it’s not acceptable anymore to look and act like themselves.

Many people are worried about the type of message sent by this contestant. The desire to change your appearance is natural; however, it can cost a lot of money that is not accessible to most people and those who are fans of the contestants.

It’s not far-fetched to say that the idea that plastic surgery is likely to become attractive mostly as a way for individuals to establish wealth and status, not to make someone look beautiful.


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