Paula Zahn Plastic Surgery [REVEALED]

Find all the details about Paula Zahn plastic surgery, particularly Botox injections and facelifts. Check out Paula Zahn’s before as well as after her transformation.

Paula Zahn is an American news anchor who has worked for various news outlets throughout her career. She hosted The Health Show and World News This Morning on ABC News. On CBS, she anchors This Morning and CBS Evening News.

In addition, she has been employed by Fox News Channel, where she hosted the Fox Report show. Zahn also has been involved in several notable news programs for CNN.

She is also the producer and host of the documentary about true crime “On the Case” with Paula Zahn via the Investigation Discovery channel. Zahn is a generous and kind person, also known for working with various non-profit organizations.

She is a member of the board of directors for the Multi Myeloma Research Foundation. Apart from that, she’s a vocal advocate for awareness about breast cancer. Personally, the American anchorwoman is a dedicated mother to three children.

Recently, Paula Zahn has been at the leading of speculation about plastic surgery online. Did she actually have to undergo surgery? Let’s find out.

Did Paula Zahn Had Plastic Surgery?

As a 65-year-old woman, Paula Zahn looks quite stunning. It’s not difficult to imagine that she’s in awe of her stunning appearance. But, it has also led to accusations of artificial enhancements.

Did Paula Zahn perform plastic surgery on her face? This question is frequently asked by people when she appears on our screens.

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It’s not unusual to see newscasters on TV under the knife to improve their appearance. As you get older, the process becomes more difficult to maintain that appealing appearance.

It’s been documented that many celebrities on TV have had plastic surgery. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to look good in front of 52-inch screens daily? However, most journalists and newscasters are not open about cosmetic procedures. Zahn seems to be no different.

Despite her refusal to acknowledge the allegations of plastic surgery, the professionals in Weight & Skin believe Paula Zahn has had facial lift surgery and botox injections at the very minimum.

A Little Bit About Paula Zahn’s Private Life

Paula Zahn was born on 24th February 1956 in Omaha, Nebraska, to an IBM marketing executive father. Her mother was a teacher at a school. In terms of her siblings, she has three siblings in all.

She went to Washington Junior High School before finishing her studies at Naperville Central High School. Zahn pursued higher education through Columbia’s Stephens College, where she received a bachelor’s degree in journalism in 1978.

The Dowling College of Oakdale, New York, bestowed an esteemed award on the American newscaster in May 2003.

From 1987 to 2007, Paula Zahn was in a marriage relationship with the developer of real estate Richard Cohen. They have three children, including Austin, Jared, and Haley.

In more detail, Zahn revealed in April 2007 that she was separated from her spouse following 20 years of union. The news caused a stir by tabloid gossip publications claiming that the divorce was caused by Zahn’s romance and relationship with Paul Fribourg.

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However, these claims and theories were never verified outside of tabloid papers. The following time, Zahn filed a lawsuit against Cohen and claimed he did not properly manage her earnings from twenty years ago.

The judge ruled out the complaint in a state court of New York, which ruled that it “is not a commercial dispute but rather an unrelated matrimonial dispute disguised as commercial disputes.”


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