Kirstie Alley Weight Loss: How She Dropped 50 Pounds

Kirstie has been a famous American model, actress, producer, model, and TV presenter. While Alley began acting in the late 1980s, her breakthrough in her career was in 1987 when she was given the role of Rebecca Howe in the NBC sitcom Cheers.

She’s experienced several turmoils throughout her career as an actor. But, these upheavals were not solely related to her acting. Certain of them concerned her health, too. Throughout her entire existence, Alley has fought a health-related issue.

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss Journey

The reason for this is the fluctuation of her weight. She has witnessed her weight increase and then drops weight. It has not just affected her health but also harmed her modeling and acting career. However, the good news is that Kirstie has left the unhealthy times in the past.

Alley is living a healthy and joyful life. In the last few months, Alley lost around 50 pounds, shocking her fans. Sure, Alley is still trying to get better. She is healthy and has a good life but would like to improve. Here is her journey to lose weight through the years.

Kirstie Alley Weight Gain

The whole thing began during the heat of summer of 2004. Before this, Alley had quite a slim physique and didn’t seem to have trouble with her body weight. But, things changed. When she recalled the past, Kirstie said, “I was always thin. Then one summer, I could have gained about 40-50 weight.”

“Honestly, I wasn’t aware of how fat I was.” Alley continued, “Thanks to the tabloids, my mind was like, ‘Oh girl, you’re fat! ‘” The main reason for Alley’s weight increase was poor eating habits. Alley claimed she was a “spontaneous person who did not plan.”

After gaining weight, she was faced with a variety of difficulties. One of the most significant was appearance. Alley is a confident woman, but she was aware of the struggles women like her endure, so she started the show to let them know it was fine.

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Alley created a show called the show Fat Actress. The show was inspired by Alley’s struggles which she had to face in the world of perfectionist body-image obsession. In announcing her role in the series, Alley stated, “I think women across the country can be able to relate to the tale.

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss 2006-2007

After over two years of struggling with her weight issues, Kirstie finally decided to shed the weight gain that caused her to slow her growth. Alley joined Jenny Craig, an American weight loss and weight management business that helps people live the life of a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Kirstie has not only joined the company as a spokesperson, but she was also an ambassador in the name of Jenny Craig. During six months for Jenny Craig, Alley lost 75 pounds, which is a huge achievement.

In her interview regarding her journey to lose weight with Jenny Craig, she said, “I lost it (weight) through Jenny Craig. I worked out moderately with my yellow townie bicycle. I rode it along an extremely long trail or to my friends at their house. Sometimes I rode for one up to 2 minutes .”

Kristie said, “I tried to think like a child. That’s what children do. When they wake up, they run to a house and get on their bikes. They’re always moving.” Then, Alley successfully kept that weight off for more than three years.

However, she was unsuccessful over the long run and gained some back. This harmed her health, too. Alley had decided to lead healthily, and seeing herself fall shocked her. However, she was determined to keep going.

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss 2011

To make healthier changes to her body and regain her former physical appearance, Kirstie joined the 12th season of Dancing with the Stars. When she first joined this show in 2012, she weighed around 230lbs.

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The event brought about positive changes in not just her physical health but also in her mental well-being. Alley placed in the second spot. While during the program, she lost over 100 pounds! That’s quite a shift.

The dramatic change in Alley’s appearance was the subject of a huge debate over the web. Kirstie stated that she’d lost weight due to “hours working in studios as well as organic food choices.” But critics were of an opposing view.

However, Alley did not have it. She reacted to all criticisms by saying, “No surgery, no flipping lasers, No barfing or starving. Why can’t you guys take care of running your own business? My products involved organic food and Dancing.”

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss 2015

Like before, Alley regained some of the weight she lost. She re-joined Jenny Craig as a spokesperson, and this time, she succeeded in losing fifty pounds. She was a part of the program to shed the extra thirty pounds.

Alley stated that eliminating the myths among many younger women, “Losing weight means losing weight. But simply because you’re slim doesn’t mean you’re content.”This time, Alley committed to staying free of all unhealthy food.

Alley claimed that she’s staying away from trigger food triggers. And not only that, Alley even restrained herself from eating holiday foods. “I’m far more organized now than before,” Alley announced. Alley’s focus now is on her diet during her day.

In this manner, Kirstie has managed to keep her weight in check. But, she has recently gained weight due to Lyme disease. Alley is battling the issue and is gradually improving.

Kirstie Alley Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Kirstie Alley 2022 Weight Loss Before And After

Through her weight loss journey, Alley has seen many ups and downs. Alley went from 250lbs and up 150 pounds and lost around 100 pounds in the process.

Alley’s Comments On Her Weight Loss Journey

In response to the question about losing weight, Kirstie said, “I am feeling extremely good. It’s like I’ve found some sort of vitality within me. I would like to encourage women to improve their health, not due to their appearance, but because it’s good for their health. .”

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The interviewer was asked by Kirstie whether we were going to have her in bikinis, and she responded with a smile, “I don’t know. I might do nudes. I’d like to do nudes.” In discussing what she plans to do shortly, she mentioned, “I would like to perform acting again. I would like to be in some films. I’d like to do work I could be very proud of. .”

Last Words

Despite experiencing a variety of positives and negatives during the weight-loss journey, Alley refused to quit. She stood up and kept striving. At the end of the day, Kirstie succeeded. In doing so, she’s also created a positive model for other women who wish to live a healthy, happy life. I hope that her experience can help you to improve your health.


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