Jesy Nelson Plastic Surgery: Before and After

Little Mix singer Jesy Nelson plastic surgery operation includes cheek fillers, lip injections, and Botox injections. Take a look at her before and after pictures.

It’s been a while since the Little Mix stunner Jesy Nelson gained fame through The X Factor about 10 years ago. Jesy changed from being a pretty teenager to a gorgeous and fierce diva in the years since.

Jesy’s lips appear much bigger nowadays, and she also has enviable cheekbones and jawline. The change in her appearance has not been a secret to fans, and many believe she’s undergone cosmetic surgery to make her face look better.

Jesy Nelson’s Plastic Surgery: Is It True?

Jesy Nelson has experienced an amazing transformation over the past few years, losing weight and finding comfort in her body following concerns for a very long time.

It’s not only her body that’s changed. The Little Mix hitmaker has also revealed a new face with a more slack lip and defined cheeks and jawline.

The new look may result from dropping weight; people have long speculated that the 30-year-old Jesy may have had some plastic surgery. This is especially because she’s often a visitor to the famous surgeon Dr. Esho’s clinic.

An MYA Cosmetic Surgery representative discussed what surgeons with experience think Jesy has done.

They told them,

Jesus may have had the non-surgical procedure of fillers for her lips, as she seems to have larger lips than in the previous photos and especially in the relaxed state of her lips.

They further added

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The specialist has made sure her lips appear natural and are in line with the patient’s facial features. They can do this by constructing the filler in multiple treatments instead of filling all the lips with one treatment.

The price of filler injections for the lip in the United Kingdom varies based on the specialist and the quantity of filler utilized; however, you should spend between PS200 to PS1,000 for the procedure.

The spokesperson believes Jesy has dermal fillers injected into her cheeks to provide non-surgical treatment. Fillers can add volume to the cheeks by injecting dermal fillers into the curve of the cheekbone to give it an appropriate definition.

The procedure can cost between PS200 and PS500 in a single session based on the quantity used. Weight loss can trigger similar changes to the facial structure. At the same time, fillers may assist in creating a precise shape in the area.

The Reason Behind Jesy Nelson’s Changing Face

Jesy Nelson has previously opened up about her struggles with body images and the pressure of being in the spotlight.

She also made a BBC3 documentary on the body and mental well-being after being subjected to humiliation and abuse on the internet.

Jesy confessed,

I wanted to cover up. I was diagnosed with alopecia when I was 13 years old, brought on due to stress and bullying, and that’s why I am so proud of my hair to this day. However, I didn’t anticipate being bullied in my adulthood. It was a drag, but I’m more confident in my appearance now.

Despite the growing speculation about the procedure, Jesy did not publicly admit to the rumors of her new style. So, what’s the issue regarding Jesy’s new look?

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Daily Star spoke with the Beautiful Clinic’s Dr. Sarah Tonks, a plastic surgery specialist. Find out more about the procedures Jesy might have undergone.

When comparing the old and new photos of Jesy, Jesy was astonished when Dr. Sarah noticed some obvious changes in the chin and lip region.

She explained that

When we take a look at an individual’s face, we take to examine the way that the facial parts are divided. The appearance is more appealing if they’re all equal. Jessy’s lower third of her face is quite small, with some tension and thinness in her upper lip. It’s like she’s afraid to reveal her teeth.

When she looked at recent photographs after reviewing the latest photos, after examining recent photos. Sarah said:

I certainly can notice a sharpening of the jawline that was not present before. While weight loss may cause this, I’m not sure it will provide the same definition. It could be Photoshop; I’m sure she may have used some filler in the picture.

The other thing to consider is the space surrounding Jesy Nelson’s eye. It’s alarming if she didn’t have this corrected at some point because there’s a noticeable gap as well as crow’s feet which suggests she’s probably had Botox around the edges of her eyes and maybe some fillers beneath.

The brow’s position can be modified, which is done with a combination of botox as well as fillers.

Dr. Sarah concluded,

I’m sure she’s probably had some lips fillers.

To the ongoing trend of celebrities opting to undergo surgical or non-surgical changes, The doctor mentioned that there’s an aesthetic she believes that the majority of pop stars are trying to fit the public and that they all want to disappear and get exactly the same thing done.

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They also had big lip fillers and chin fillers. Additionally the fact that they received their hair extensions as well as their teeth repaired.


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