Proffee: TikTok’s Latest Viral Trend Coffee Drink!

Have you heard that there’s a new coffee recipe that’s gone viral on TikTok? It’s named the Proffee. This coffee recipe uses protein so that you can get the protein in your coolest cup of coffee in the morning or after you’re finished with your workout.

This post is going to teach you more about Proffee and how to prepare this protein coffee at home. It’s a super simple recipe that you can make in just a few minutes.

It’s better used when you just got home from your morning workout, or when you’re just beginning the day.

Are you ready to hear more about protein coffee? Then get a nice cup of coffee and start reading !

What The Proffee Is ?

What The Proffee Is ?

Proffee is a coffee preparation made by mixing coffee with a protein shake. Proffee is typically made by applying ice cubes and a few shots of espresso to a cup and pouring a protein shake. In this recipe, sweeteners are optional.

TikTok has made this Proffee trend real, with hundreds of people sharing their protein coffee.

This protein coffee is made with espresso shots. Much of the time, one or two shots are added to a protein shake containing some ice and a delicious coffee syrup.

Ingredient To Make Proffee ?

Ingredient To Make Proffee ?

Will you like to try this protein coffee yourself ?

You’re in the right place, then. You’re going to have to collect a few items for this recipe to get started:

  • Your Favorite Protein Powder
  • Any Coffe That You Love
  • Big Cup To Mix Them
  • Ice Cubes
  • Coffee Syrup (optional)

Let’s dig a little more into the ingredients, as you can make this protein coffee in a few different directions, using other ingredients.

Which Protein Is The Best To Make Proffee ?

Which Protein Is The Best To Make Proffee ?

You should make this protein coffee with a protein powder. Protein coffee would need to be combined with some water to make it drinkable, but it will result in the same terrific coffee.

I’m going to use whey protein with vanilla taste for this recipe. Although you should use whatever flavored or non-flavoured protein you have at home. If you’re using non-flavored protein, you might want to apply some sort of sweetener to your coffee cup.

You can prefer to use a delicious coffee syrup to spic it up. You can choose from all manner of flavors. This way, every day, you can make a new flavored Proffee.

The easiest way to make this dish is to mix all the ingredients into a large cup, stir or shake it all up and drink it on the way to the gym.

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But you can even render this dish when you just got home from a workout. You can then use the huge cup you’ve got at home to make this dish, much as we’re using it for this recipe.

Which Coffee Should You Choose To Make Proffee ?

Which Coffee Should You Choose To Make Proffee ?

Coffee is the basis for this protein coffee which is an integral part of producing a delicious coffee drink. You may opt to make this recipe with quite a few different forms of coffee.

You can prepare this recipe with the following :

  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Shots Of Espresso
  • Pour Over Coffee
  • French Press Coffee

Most widely used are espresso drinks, which you can conveniently order from Starbucks and ask them to apply ice to the shots of espresso. You should add your protein shake in this method, and you’re ready to taste your Proffee.

If you want to brew some coffee at home, you may want to use AeroPress or Moka pot to brew some espressos. You can also make a nice cup of coffee with a French press or with a Chemex or Hario V60 coffee.

Cold brew coffee is perfect for making this recipe, too. Cold brew coffee provides a lot of caffeine that can help you better in the gym and get you energized to do your best.

We brewed two espressos with AeroPress for this recipe and made the protein shake. But a little more down on this.

Let us tell you a little bit about the equipment used to produce this recipe yourself :

Which Equipments Do You Need To Make Proffee At Home

Which Equipments Do You Need To Make Proffee At Home

You can make this recipe with different types of equipment. If you’re using a ready-to-drink protein shake, you can blend it with the coffee of your choosing and put some ice cubes to make it more soothing.

In the recipe below, We’re going to teach you how to make protein coffee with protein powder and mix it with coffee and ice cubes.

You need to collect the following equipments to follow the recipe :

  • A bowl or a shaker to whisk the protein drink.
  • Coffee brewer to brew coffee or ready-to-drink coffee.
  • Your favorite cup (or glass) to put the drink.

As you can see from the above mentioned equipment, this recipe is really easy to make in short time, making this protein coffee too perfect to make after a workout.

What Does Proffee Taste Like ?

What Does Proffee Taste Like ?

This great combination of protein and coffee tastes very sweet and tasty. The protein powder is a perfect foundation for the drink, while the coffee is there to break through some of the sugar and give you the mildly spicy taste.

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We really loved consuming this protein coffee because it’s the best way to eat both my protein and my coffee in a very short time.

What Time Is Best To Drink Proffee ?

What Time Is Best To Drink Proffee ?

Proffee is better to drink after intense workouts. Getting some extra protein after a tough workout session will make the muscle grow stronger.

You can also drink Proffee as a pre-workout drink. The caffeine is going to make you do well and get your exercise on those rough mornings.

How Many Calories Are In Proffee ?

How Many Calories Are In Proffee ?

Proffee contains about 160 calories. This can vary based on the amount of sweeteners used or the use of more protein to make your protein coffee.

We use a protein powder containing 155 calories per 30 grams of protein. This can varies depending on the type of protein powder you choose to use.

Health Benefits of Proffee

Health Benefits of Proffee

But the trendy drink has not just a success on TikTok, where #proffee has more than 121,000 views and counts. It’s even approved by some dietitians who say it’s a convenient way to pack extra protein in the first part of your day.

Here’s why diet experts say that proffee could be a TikTok trend worth trying.

The potential health advantages of Proffee come from its key nutrient: protein. According to Amy Davis, a registered dietitian and certified dietitian nutritionist at The Healthy Dietitian in New Orleans, the body uses this macronutrient to create and maintain lean muscle mass. Any cell in your body contains protein.

How much protein you need to remain healthy depends on a lot of factors, including your level of exercise, gender, age, weight, and whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding. On average, adult men require at least 56 grams of protein per day, while adult women require at least 46 grams of protein per day, according to the National Academy of Sciences.

These numbers are rising for people that are really active.

Since ready-made protein shakes consist from 10 grams of protein to more than 30 grams, having the first thing in the morning gives you a start on receiving the recommended amount you’ll need during the day.

So, how’s the coffee work into the equation ? Some of the advantages of proffee come from having the morning coffee better for you.

“Adding protein shake to a coffee mix is a perfect way to get extra nutrients in the morning,” says Shena Jaramillo, registered dietitian and director of Peace and Nutrition in Ellensburg, Washington. “Most people prefer to choose coffee instead of breakfast, and therefore lack vital nutrients. Protein shakes in coffee can add sweetness and nutrition. This will minimize the intake of sugar and cream in coffee and give a more nutrient-dense choice to the mixture.”

Extra, for people who normally exercise in the morning, replacing your daily coffee for proffee after your workout will help you improve protein at an ideal period for your muscles.A 2017 research by the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed that eating high-quality protein within two hours of exercise promotes muscle protein synthesis, a mechanism that can regenerate muscle damage.

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“During the exercise, the muscles are challenged and torn down, and the protein is responsible for restoring, strengthening and developing the muscles. Adding protein to your coffee is a fast and simple way to ensure that you get a good dose of protein after exercise,” explains Davis.

But even if pandemic life keeps you more sedentary than normal, proffee provides the added benefit of making you feel fuller after breakfast, effectively curbing your cravings for a mid-morning snack, says Acacia Wright, a registered dietitian in Seattle, Washington.

“It has been shown that eating high-quality, protein-rich breakfast increases fullness while decreasing hunger and food cravings,” she says. “A growing body of evidence also confirms the fact that eating protein at breakfast will help with weight control and weight reduction efforts. Not to mention coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant that provides extra energy and increased alertness.”


Proffee : Detailed Information About TikTok's Latest Viral Trend

This easy-to-make protein coffee is excellent for those who want to get some extra protein, paired with some delicious coffee.

I just want to use this dish on my own while I have a rough workout scheduled for the day. Before I start preparing, I make this recipe, so the coffee caffeine can help me work better.

I recommend that you try this recipe before and after your workout and see what feels right for you. It’s a perfect way to taunt yourself with a good coffee and get all the advantages of protein as a single drink.

Have you ever made Proffee? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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