Mo’Nique Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Plan

The American actress and comedian, Mo’Nique, has earned her reputation quite well. Since she made her debut as part of The Queens of Comedy, she’s come a long way. Mo’Nique is a real name, Monique Angela Hicks, who was nominated to win the Grammy Award in 2002.

Her comedy and acting have always been debated with her followers. But this time, there was something completely different. It was her health that was the topic of conversation. Monique has recently shed an enormous amount of weight, which left everyone amazed.

Monique has shed the weight of 80lbs that was, of course, not going to go unnoticed. Shortly after Monique finished all the work and got fit, followers decided to discover what caused her to shed weight?

Is there a specific reason for Monique’s weight reduction? Perhaps it’s due to her desire to boost her health. Well, there’s only one way to discover. Read the full article.

Mo’Nique Weight Loss Journey

In her post, she outlined her weight loss journey; Monique said in her Instagram video, “The journey has been fantastic because it really makes you realize the things you’re made of” Monique added, “People always say, “Mo’Nique, what is it that drives you?’ And I needed to be motivated by my husband and children. Also, I had to get out of my personal rut”.

It was reported floating around the web that Monique lost weight because of her forthcoming film Blackbird. But, she has said that this wasn’t true. Monique was excited about living her life to the fullest. She was worried about her physical health.

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This was spiraling out of control due to her weight increase. The good thing is that she acted just when it was necessary.

How Did Monique Lose Weight?

Monique gained weight due to her discipline. She enlisted assistance from her coach for this. She spent 3 hours at the gym daily and eating healthy foods helped her eliminate the extra weight. ” When my trainer first took me to the track, he let me walk for half a mile, and I would then have the option of running,” Monique explained her experiences.

She said, “I said to him, “One day, I’d like to be capable of running around this track two times without stopping. And today was the day. I could run through the track two times with no stopping.”

Monique has also made significant modifications to her diet. Throughout her journey to lose weight, she adhered to a vegan lifestyle. Monique did not just give up meat but stopped eating all dairy products. Her determination was evident to the whole. With the strength of her will, there is no stopping you.

In an Instagram post, Monique also shared a message with her followers. She stated, “I’m telling you that when you’re committed to yourself, you’ll get what you’re looking for. Do not quit on yourself” In addition, she stated, “It doesn’t come overnight. It’s not an enchanted potion, a special wand, or processed boxes of meals of an exercise program for weight loss” She concluded the video by drawing attention to her heart and telling her, “It comes from right here.”

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Mo’Nique Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Mo'Nique's Weight Loss In 2022 Before And After

Monique’s current weight has dropped to just 121 pounds compared to her previous size of 200 lbs. She has lost more than eighty pounds.

The Final Words

Monique’s frank and courageous weight loss journey is a great example to anyone seeking to get rid of excess weight. Monique proved that it is no time to wait. After battling ever-growing weight, Monique has finally taken the stand and has transformed her life.


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