‘Huell’ Lavell Crawford Weight Loss Journey: How He Got Fit

Lavell Crawford Weight Loss amazed those who saw it!

We have brought together all the details you need to know about Lavell Crawford (Known As Huell From Breaking Bad) Weight Loss for you.

Who is Lavell Crawford ?

Lavell Maurice Crawford (born November 11, 1968) is a comedian and actor from the United States.

He is most recognized for his roles as Huell Babineaux in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

In the Netflix original film The Ridiculous 6, he portrays Gus Patch. At the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, the album version of his 2021 Comedy Vaccine special was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album.

Crawford was born in the Missouri city of St. Louis.

He graduated from Pattonville High School in Maryland Heights, Missouri, in 1986.

As a youngster, he struggled with his weight, nearly drowned at the age of 10, and was abandoned by his bodybuilding father.

Crawford was a regular on BET’s ComicView in the 1990s.

Lavell was on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2007, when he lost to Jon Reep in the two-hour season finale. In 2011, he recorded Lavell Crawford: Can a Brother Get Some Love at the Roberts Orpheum Theatre in St. Louis.

He next starred as Huell Babineaux, Saul Goodman’s bodyguard, in the criminal drama series Breaking Bad, and as Landslide, a garbageman acting as a stand-up comic, on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

He also featured in an episode of Tosh.0, in which he assisted “the worst stand-up comic” in redeeming himself. Crawford reprised her role as Babineaux in Huell’s Rules, a lighthearted short film set after the events of Breaking Bad but not regarded canon. 

In the 2015 film American Ultra, he has a minor supporting part. Crawford featured as a special journalist and panelist on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore many times in 2015.

Crawford appeared as Unbelievable Ron and a chimp alien in Aqua TV Show Show on Adult Swim.

He also appeared as a famous guest star in Squidbillies and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell.

Crawford’s weight plummeted to 120 pounds (54 kg) in 2016. In 2017, he reprised his role as Huell Babineaux from Breaking Bad on Better Call Saul.

Crawford also appears in J-music Kwon’s video for “Tipsy.” He also played the role Tyrone in the Comedy Central show Workaholics.

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Lavell Crawford Slimmed Down, But Not His Sense of Humour

Crawford claimed he’s been bombarded with queries after losing 130 pounds.

“People ask me, ‘Do you feel better, joyful, do you believe you’ll go back, will you still be funny?'” Crawford stated his case. “If you’re big, keep it that way; if you’re skinny, keep it that way.” Every day, fit individuals die. They pass out right after eating a kale salad at the gym.”

Crawford will perform at The StarDome on March 18 and 19. Crawford, a regular on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, remarked that after 28 years of doing comedy, the material comes effortlessly to him.

“It’s an honor to work with Tom Joyner; he’s been here for a long time,” Crawford remarked. “He was a radio syndicator.” It’s because I grew up listening to him that it’s so powerful. It’s a honor.”

Crawford, 48, said he had no plans to stop a weight-loss effort that has led him this far.

“People will go out and buy a hamburger instead of a salad because they know they’re going on a diet, and you’re constantly tempted,” he continued. “You only see diet advertising late at night after you’ve eaten a full extra large meat lovers.” Passion pushes through all of that, saying, ‘I want it,’ and I wanted it (to be healthy).

Crawford stated, “I’ve spent my entire life getting here, and I’m still working through it. ” “I’m not done yet.”

He admitted that there were skeptics.

“When I told folks I was going to change, they’d remark, ‘What if it doesn’t work out?” “I’d think to myself, what if I died (during the procedure), well, if I died, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything else,” he stated.

Crawford played Huell Babineaux in the Emmy-winning television series Breaking Bad.

Crawford stated that he was not the only comic on the set. There was Bill Burr, Bob Odenkirk, Dean Norris, and even the show’s star, Bryan Cranston, did comedy at one point,” he explained. “I wasn’t the comedy relief on set, and if I was, it was all by accident.”

Acting, he believed, suited his humor.

“You had an imagination when you were a kid, and that’s how acting works.” When I was younger, I liked to pretend to be a lone ranger or a detective. I would immerse myself in various worlds. So it’s the same thing when you act. So is humor; it’s a form of healing. Even if my humor is serious, acting is a compliment to it. That’s wonderful for me to be able to transfer it into another aspect of art. “I adore it.”

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He describes comedy as “instant delight… when you make others laugh with a joke that you wrote.” “It’s a sign from God, like, dammit.” This is something I’m capable of. When you are granted the ability to make others laugh, you are given a great deal of responsibility. When you can elicit laughter from people, they rely on you to help them feel better. So you must be prepared to accept the responsibility that comes with God’s blessings.”

Lavell Crawford Weight Loss : He Has Lost 120 Pounds

Lavell Crawford Weight Loss

It’s been five years since comedian Lavell Crawford revealed his miraculous weight loss tale.

Lavell Crawford, the comedian, has always been a huge deal. But this enormous guy has been making us laugh and cry for almost 20 years. Lavell is the go-to man for humorous jokes, including gags about his weight, in everything from comedy clubs to series and movies like Breaking Bad and Netflix’s Ridiculous 6.

But, after considering his family life and aspirations, Levell is no longer laughing and has resolved to take action. Lavell discussed why and how he lost over 120 pounds in a recent appearance with Sway In the Morning.

“I’m going to keep it genuine for all the huge people out there.” Crawford reveals, “I’m getting a gastric sleeve.” “I’m 47 years old, and I have a gorgeous 5-year-old kid who I want to be there for.” I have a lovely wife for whom I wish to be present. I don’t want to abandon her.”

Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, has become a popular option for individuals wanting good weight loss in a simple treatment that does not require the maintenance and long-term complication rates associated with a Lap Band.

Some Of The Advantages Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Hunger alleviation
  • When compared to gastric bypass, the surgical time is reduced.
  • It does not reroute the intestines.
  • Reduces the possibility of nutritional shortages.
  • Following surgery, fewer vitamins are required on a daily basis than after gastric bypass.
  • Because the intestines are unaffected, the pylorus stays intact and sugars have time to breakdown.
  • There are no changes required. The Lap Band must be adjusted on a regular basis (doctor visits).
  • There are no foreign items remaining in the body. A silicone band is left around the top region of your stomach by the Lap Band.
  • Weight loss happens over a period of 18 months. Weight loss after gastric bypass surgery is rapid. The majority of weight loss happens throughout the first year.
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“I gave up sweets and dropped 40 pounds.” The problem is that I’m diabetic, and my legs swell from time to time, and my blood pressure is a bit high. So I don’t want to do something where you’re walking down the street eating a hot dog and you collapse and someone says, ‘See, I knew that was going to happen.'”

With the video below, Steve Harvey is barely recognizable in his thinner, new appearance. Harvey cracks jokes as he is finally able to wrap his arms around the comedian.

“I don’t want to leave her with ‘woman, the heck with you’ or ‘woman, I’m done with you,’ or I don’t want to leave her raising my children alone, know what I mean,” Crawford continues.

“In retrospect, if you could do something to improve your health, do it.”

I exercise and practice Brazilian jujitsu. But, man, it’s difficult to maintain your body healthy as you get older.

My schedule is hectic, and I’m often on the road. If you do not take care of yourself, but now is the moment for me to do so. I want to live to be 80, therefore I need to do something so that I can at least live to be 80.”

In closing, Lavell had some amusing comments for everyone attempting to get healthy: “Take care of yourselves, people…and keep your bootyhole shut, LOL!”

It’s just Lavelle. Congratulations, sir, on your good health! We like and adore you!


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