Army Of Death Dave Bautista Plastic Surgery: All The Details

Find all the details about the Netflix series Army of the Dead lead actor Dave Bautista plastic surgery ventures. Did he alter his appearance to make it look younger? Take a look at the comparison of before and after images.

In his short 52 years on the planet, Bautista has adorned several professional wearers. He’s been a bodybuilder, bouncer in a club, an instructor of Mixed Martial Arts fighters, and most importantly, his time as an official wrestler in WWE in which his name was Batista.

Additionally, who could forget his hilarious character as Drax the Destroyer in the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy series?

However, the actor’s journey hasn’t always been glamourous and full of fame. It took time for Bautista to realize that he was in a position to create something meaningful in his life.

Bautista was a father who struggled to feed his family. However, before this moment, his addiction was problematic (to say the least), and that wasn’t the only or the first problem he faced.

With his own merits, Bautista has improved his fortunes and is now among the top well-known people in Hollywood. However, with fame comes scrutiny and microscopical study of every single thing you do or say.

After the release of his new movie Army of the Dead on Netflix, the former wrestler has been the center of speculation about plastic surgery online. Was he actually to the surgeon? Let’s determine.

Dave Bautista Plastic Surgery: Is It True?

Fans are often divided over Dave Bautista‘s change in appearance on Reddit, particularly his supposed plastic surgery. The debate has continued for years since he made a short return to WWE during the last decade.

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One of them asked:

What makes Batista appear so different from his return? I’m not sure what to identify the cause. However, there is something different in the way Batista looks…Am I missing something obvious?

One person claimed that the reason was simple. He’s got a bit older, taking Botox from Hollywood, and the man is on and off PED cycles.

Another user commented,

His face is round, and the skin isn’t like a patch. He has the appearance of the older Pitbull (who’s an absolute joke)

There are suggestions that he’s cut down on his muscle mass and that the shift in his clothing style has made him look distinct.

One user demanded cosmetic surgery for his face.

He has been undergoing some cosmetic work on his appearance. It’s like having a completely different face nearly.

Some people laughed that Batista’s eyes appear to shrink each year and hint at cosmetic improvements (in an attempt to look younger).

In the past, Bautista made his way to our screens with the brand-new Netflix film Army of the Dead, in which he plays an integral role as an ex-mercenary, Scott Ward.

Since he was first seen on TV, the public could immediately spot a new appearance that was once a WWE champion. Some believed it had something to do with plastic surgery. Still, the former champion has been accused of being under the knife since 2014.

On closer inspection, Our experts from Weight & Skin reckon the Guardians of the Galaxy star has undergone Botox injections and facelift surgery, at the minimum.

Why Did Dave Bautista Choose Army Of The Dead’ Over ‘Suicide Squad’?

Dave Bautista stated that an issue with scheduling with Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead stopped him from joining James Gunn – the man who is the director in Guardians of the Galaxy – to DC Films and Warner Bros. for The Suicide Squad.

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In the past, the action-movie star had to decide between Snyder’s Netflix original zombie film or Gunn’s blockbuster comic books. Bautista decided to go with the latter. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, he revealed the reasons.

In his explanation of why he picked Army of the Dead actor, he said,

I can establish relationships with Netflix and get the lead part in a fantastic film and receive more money.

He continued,

I needed to contact James and told him that it broke my heart because, as my friend, I would love to be with you; however, professionally, it is the right choice I have made.’

Bautista continued,

“Gunn,” said: “I fully understand what you’re saying. I’m extremely proud of you for being at this point. I’m glad I played some part in finding yourself in this position, where you’re required to take these tough choices .’

Bautista’s debut project in collaboration with Snyder and Netflix is the upcoming Army of the Dead film. It could be a potential future role for the actor in the lead role in the zombie-themed film if its streaming launch happens exactly as planned.

Gunn was the lead Bautista for 2 Guardians of the Galaxy movies. The duo will collaborate on the third Guardians movie at a future time.

After Disney fired Gunn as a director of Marvel Studios over previous contentious tweets, Bautista took to social media to condemn Disney and blame management for the decision.

The actor threatened to terminate his contract with Disney if Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 scripts were not accepted. Although Disney eventually revoked their choice, Gunn was already onto Warner Bros. for The Suicide Squad.

Army of the Dead was released on the 14th of May in theaters before it was released on Netflix on the 21st of May. For Suicide Squad, the movie will be released on Suicide Squad, premiere in theatres, and stream on HBO Max on the 6th of August.

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In the meantime, the three-parter of Gunn and Bautista’s Guardians of the Galaxy will not release until the 5th of May in 2023.


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