Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: How She Dropped the Pounds

The trainer of Rebel Wilson, Gunnar Peterson, has shared his thoughts on how the actress stays focused while she continues her fitness journey.

The actress declared 2020 the “year for health” before she lost 75 pounds.

“You go through some difficult things, and you think: Wow, I’ve done this. I’m able to do this. And I’ll continue doing it,” Peterson said.

It’s been two years since Rebel Wilson set off to make 2020 her “year of health,” The journey didn’t stop when the year ended. The actress is still “Rebel Rising,” as she put it on Instagram, and it takes some serious determination to maintain such stamina. How does she do it, you ask? Her trainer Gunnar Peterson has a mantra that keeps her and all of his clients inspired.

“The phrase is: “You’re either trying to improve yourself or allowing yourself to become worse’. There’s nothing to be gained by remaining at the same level,” the former president recently said to the Sun. “There’s no such thing as achieving your goal also. There are times when you may reach certain figures, but it shouldn’t be a reason to have to stop.”

Peterson said that it requires gradual, “slow upgrades” to change a lifestyle entirely in a manner that isn’t excessive. “Some people can sleep easily, and therefore we don’t need to modify the sleeping. We can add exercises. Now let’s take a look at your eating habits and stress levels, hydration, and if you’re a smoker,” he said. “There are many areas to take care of, but let’s be careful to do it in a way that you don’t feel as if your entire life is being ruined.”

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In conjunction with the training sessions conducted by Gunnar, Wilson embraced the easy walk. It was natural and easy to do.

“An Austrian doctor said, ‘Rebel the best way to shed unwanted body fat is walking around,” the Pitch Perfect star stated in the third episode of Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk on the Apple Watch. “It does not need to be intense or uphill…just walk for an hour per daily.'”

She went on to say: “It just made me think, OK, I’ll be a little gentler on myself and be gentle and take it slowly. In 2020, I shed weight, but it was slow. Sometimes I would kick things up by doing some exercises and working hard. But, most of my time during the year was taking a walk for an hour.”

According to The Sun interview, Peterson stated that Wilson always engages in full-body exercises instead of trying to focus on specific zones. “It’s a complete body. There’s no need to do a lot of work by yourself simply because it’s not the best value and time-wise,” he explained. “You may think, “I’m able to do weights, but I’m unable to incorporate cardio or ‘I have the time to exercise, but I’m not able to do any flexibility or mobility. Here you’ll get all of that.”

He also emphasized that the transformation process for Wilson was as much a mental change as it has been physical. “You go through some things that can be difficult, and then you realize that you have done this. It’s possible to do it. And I’ll keep doing it,” he added.

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The entire experience has assisted Wilson in discovering her strength, and this is the best aspect of the whole. “It’s not about being a certain size or bodyweight or anything,” she told Australia’s The Daily Telegraph. “It’s all about being yourself and enjoying your journey.”

So, the adventure continues.


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