Amber Rachdi Weight Loss: How Much Weight Did She Lost?

The viewers who have watched My 600-lb Live have witnessed a variety of fantastic tales. Each year, 8 people struggle to lose weight enroll themselves in the show and, throughout the show, work to shed some weight. Being weight 600lbs is quite a challenge.

One of those obese fighters of them was Amber Rachdi. Amber was a part of the third season, where she struggled with weight gain. Rachdi was estimated to weigh around 657lbs and was just 23 when she appeared on the show. Don’t be surprised if this surprise you. Amber had a terrible track record regarding her weight gain.

At five years old, Rachdi weighed around 160 pounds. The show was a significant turning point in Amber’s life. Before her appearance on this show Rachdi, aged 23, lived at home with her parents. She admitted that she felt like a ” burden” on her parents.

Amber has described the situation as a ” combination of depression and sadness.” Rachdi had full support from her parents and her boyfriend. However, she felt like there was a gap throughout her existence. Amber was faced with many challenges in her life. Everything was a problem for Amber: going to the mall, shopping, sitting, standing.

In the end, Rachdi had lost about 257 pounds when the show had completed. How did this massive transformation happen? Let’s figure it out.

Amber Rachdi Weight Loss Journey

During the program, Amber met Dr. Nowzaradan, who assisted her greatly in shedding weight. Rachdi knew that her only solution was to undergo the gastric bypass procedure. Nowzaradan, After examining Amber’s medical records and advising her that she wasn’t prepared for the course.

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She was required to shed some pounds before undergoing surgery. Rachdi, after receiving suggestions from her doctor, began adhering to a strict diet. Controlling her food intake was the most challenging aspect for her. However, Amber was aware that if she was going to shed pounds, which was important given her medical conditions, She needed to be disciplined.

Following the advice, Amber cut down all unhealthy foods, such as processed foods. When before, Rachdi was prone to an unhealthy habit of eating a lot and consuming excessive amounts of food, she now was cautious when choosing what to drink. The sudden shift in her behavior helped Amber in changing her appearance.

Through a sensible choice of food, Rachdi successfully lost 17 pounds. After losing weight, she spoke with Dr. Nowzaradan, who could now determine if she was suitable for Gastric Bypass surgery. This is the way Rachdi was able to lose around 240lbs through surgery.

How Is Amber Rachdi Right Now?

After the event concluded, Rachdi didn’t stop. She continued on her weight loss journey. At present, Amber is a social media model and an influencer. She constantly shares new images and interacts with her followers through her Instagram account. In total, she has over 200kfollowers.

Amber is a source of inspiration for those struggling with obesity who want to take on their weight loss. Since my 600-pound life began, she has been losing weight and improving daily.

Last Words

The thousand-mile journey begins with a single step. The weight loss story of Rachid tells us that all you must accomplish to shed weight is take that first step. The next step unfolds in front of you. In fact, Amber is an inspiration to those seeking a positive transformation within their life.

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