Amber Riley Weight Loss: How She Lost Over 50 Pounds

Riley Amber is an American actor and author. She is also a singer, author, and activist. Amber gained notoriety when she was a part of the comedy-drama show on Fox, Glee, which aired from 2009 until 2015. Her most well-known character Mercedes received numerous accolades such as Screen Actors Guild Award, Teen Choice Award, and the Grammy Award.

Being of a bigger size, Amber was asked many questions such as ” How do you feel about your body?“. While she was as confident as Riley has been, she has always said, ” I feel extremely comfortable in my body.” People love her candor and honesty.

But, recently, things had changed When Riley made an appearance at NAACP Image Awards, she was completely different. She looked slimmer than before. It was evident that Amber was losing weight. The entire world was stunned and asked how she managed to shed weight while she was happy with her weight.

Amber Riley Weight Loss Journey

Amber fell in love with fast food and was hooked to it. She would eat pizza or burgers every time she walked by a restaurant. As you can imagine, it adversely affected Amber’s overall health. As her weight increased and she began to experience health problems.

This was when Riley discovered that she needed to shed some weight. Riley expressed the adverse effects of fast food ” All those pizzas and burgers were causing problems for my stomach.” She stated, ” I decided I would take a step back and eat better.

Which Method Helped Riley Lose Weight?

She shed weight by altering her eating habits. As we mentioned, Amber was obsessed with fast food, to the point that it became an addiction. First and foremost, she had to take charge of her eating habits. The decision to give up fast food was not all that simple.

She gave up slowly and slowly. After a while, Riley shifted to a more green diet. She began to eat green vegetables more frequently. In addition, she also ate lots of fruits. Apple was a must on her diet.

She also stopped drinking any drink that contained refined sugar. Instead of drinking soda, she began drinking juices from fresh fruits. Orange and carrot juices were her top choices. Because tea and coffee contain processed sugar, that was another no.

Amber took a lot of water during a particular day. This helped her in a variety of ways. It increased her metabolism and simultaneously reduced her appetite. In addition, water is a type of energy source for your body, so it assisted Amber greatly when she did exercises.

Long walks during the day and evening definitely contributed to her overall health. She also took part in sports, cycling, and swimming. Amber received beneficial results through this change in her routine and began living a healthy lifestyle.

Amber Riley Weight Loss: Before And After

Riley’s weight today is about 187 pounds compared to her previous size of 237lbs. She shed 50 pounds in the process. The loss of weight led to a more energetic Amber.

Last Words

Being content with your self-image is the most critical aspect of being content. There is no reason not to change yourself if it is needed to enhance your wellbeing. Riley is a great illustration. She began her losing weight journey after realizing it was essential and necessary.


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