Ralphie Might Weight Loss: From 800 To 350 Pounds!

A well-known American comedy phenom, Ralphie May, spent most of his time entertaining people with his funny jokes. May was also famous for his hilarious acting in several shows simultaneously. Ralphie had a successful acting and comedy career. However, the actor was not on well in physical health.

Throughout Ralphie’s entire life, the struggle with obesity was constant. Imagine his struggle because his weight was 800 pounds (360 KGs) at one time! It was the heaviest he had ever been. May had gained weight due to an accident at an early age.

May began to gain weight following his car crash. He was just 16 years older at the time of the accident. The impact was so serious that even the very survival of Ralphie appeared to be impossible. However, he survived. But, the accident resulted in several health issues in May, leading to his being overweight.

Ralphie Might Weight Loss Journey

As time passed, the weight of his body increased. It was now a danger to his overall health. For the majority of the time, May was suffering from his health. Doctors recommended Ralphie think about exercise to lose weight if his weight could be an issue.

As May climbed to his highest weight (800 Pounds), he decided to kill the dragon. In 2004 at 32, Ralphie had an operation called gastric bypass. To accomplish this, he signed up for VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. After the surgery, he was able to lose more than half his body weight, which was around 450 pounds.

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May’s sudden change from 800 pounds to 350 pounds shocked his fans and many other people. May became famous for it. May had lost a considerable amount of weight. However, his health was not good.

In 2011 Ralphie was diagnosed with viral pneumonia during an excursion. This affliction affected his health to the point of being fatal. May fell ill and, as a result of the illness, suffered a loss of forty pounds. May recovered, but not fully, and didn’t have great health afterward.


Ralphie lost weight by 450 pounds but was overweight. May was diagnosed with cardiac arrest on the 6th of October, 2017. He was also suffering from pneumonia and couldn’t take part in events. After a cardiac arrest, May passed away on the 6th of October, 2017, at 45 years old. People will always remember May for his incredible talent and miss his great talent.


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