Elder Dale G. Renlund Weight Loss: How He Lost 20 Pounds

One of the members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of LDS, Renlund, stunned the world with his most recent picture. Dale appeared to be much slimmer than he was before. Since he’s never been overweight throughout his life, this picture was somewhat of a shock to his followers.

The public began to think that he was sick. But that wasn’t the case. Renlund was on a weight loss journey and shed extra pounds. Fans still cannot comprehend the process and wonder whether he shed weight to do so. Let’s see what Dale has been doing recently.

Elder Dale G. Renlund Weight Loss Journey

There’s a misconception among the fans. It’s about whether Dale has shed weight intentionally or due to illness. To clarify that, Here is a tweet from Renlund that was tweeted on April 9, 2021. The tweet read,

“As President Nelson Russell M invited us to attend the General Conference to identify the things we need to eliminate from our daily lives. I was thinking about the health of my body. Ruth and I have helped each other make healthy choices in our diet and doing plenty of exercise throughout the past year. .”

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The tweet stated that Renlund has shed weight by sticking to his diet and exercising.

Here’s what we have learned:

Elder Dale G. Renlund Weight Loss: Diet Plan

Dale continued to follow his diet by cutting out foods that contained an excessive amount of calories. Dale has kept track of the number of calories he consumes daily. Dale’s primary focus is fruits and vegetables.

Renlund begins his morning with a glass of refreshing fruit juice. It’s also known as gorge juice. The main meal of Renlund’s preference is a salad. Sometimes, he’ll have chicken too.

He doesn’t take much in dinner. It’s just a light meal. With all this healthy eating, Dale has succeeded in shading off unhealthy and extra pounds.

Elder Dale G. Renlund Weight Loss: Workout Program

Due to the risk of contracting Covid-19, Renlund could not go outside to exercise. Instead, he began exercising at home with his wife, Ruth. They would practice Yoga as well as cycling and run at their home.

What Year Did Dale Begin His Diet?

Dale began losing weight at the beginning of 2020. After the entire world closed due to COVID-19, Renlund embarked on this health exercise with his wife.

How Much Weight Elder Dale G. Renlund Lost?

Through all the effort and dedication, Runlund succeeded in losing 20 pounds. Their wife of his, Ruth, is also able to shed weight. Although, it’s not yet known the amount. It is certainly an option as Dale is in his 68th year.

What Elder Dale G. Renlund Said About His Weight Loss Journey?

Renlund is very pleased about the outcome. He noted the advantages of losing weight: “Because of my dedication to my health, my recent excursion in the southern part of Utah was much more enjoyable than the last time we visited. It was thrilling to feel more energetic and .”

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In a separate tweet In a separate tweet, the Cardiologist added, “Getting rid of the unhealthy junk, whether mental, physical, or emotional – from our lives is an effective method to become closer to the one who is our Savior. I can assure you that he is willing to assist with all aspects of our daily lives.” After the reported clarity of Dale’s health, people have stopped asking questions about his wellbeing.

Did Dale Positive For Covid-19?

Dale was indeed found positive for Covid-19, as was his wife. However, the positive part is that he’s healthy, and both are recovering from Covid-19.


The choice Renlund made was efficient and healthful. We must also be able to make the most of our time. With the constant distractions of our modern world, it’s extremely difficult to concentrate on a single aspect, but it’s not difficult.


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