‘Shon Seung-wan’ Wendy Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Plan

Wendy has been a South Korean singer. Born on the 21st of February 1994. She was named Shon Seung-Wan. But, she’s popular for her name, Wendy.

Wendy also released her debut album as a solo artist by releasing Like Water in April. The music industry isn’t all that Wendy is well-known for. Wendy is also known due to her athleticism.

The musician changed her look completely just recently. People were stunned by her new appearance. In this article how she did this.

Shon Seung-wan aka Wendy Weight Loss Journey

Wendy has been struggling with her weight from her early years. Fans who have been following her since her early days have seen this.

She has tried weight loss routines several times. However, it hasn’t proven to be effective. Wendy is also criticized due to her body weight.

Her weight seemed to hinder her progress when she first began working in the field. She was turned down at the hands of Cube Entertainment simply because of her weight.

However, her singing abilities far outweighed the negative aspects. She was aware of gossips from people and negative remarks concerning her size.

That would be a burden on anyone normal. However, Wendy did not let these negative forces weigh her down.

Wendy began to work to lose weight. She also changed her appearance somewhat. But her weight wasn’t stable and it wasn’t clear if it was because of her eating habits, or any other reason, we don’t know for certain. What we do know is that Wendy was a bit shaky when it came to her weight.

Wendy would lose a few pounds, but she’d struggle with the weight after a few months. The biggest change in Wendy’s life in the year 2016.

In 2016, when she returned with her band, Red Velvet, rumors circulated on social media. People posted negative comments about Wendy saying ” she cannot control her own behavior“.

People were discussing Wendy with other members of this group. They were thinner and had great looks.

Wendy decided to address the factor that caused so many issues for her: her weight.

The weight wasn’t only a challenge for her appearance but also affected her performance on stage.

Wendy began her journey to lose weight in 2000 and shed enormous weight in just four months. There are a few instances of this.

She shocked the world. Wendy did not just stopped the mouths of critics, she also looked stunning with her new appearance. Gorgeous, I would say. In reality, 4 months is very short.

Shon Seung-wan aka Wendy Weight Loss Journey

When Wendy showed up with a slimmer physique, many people began questioning her about how she had achieved this level of transformation.

When Wendy was invited to a event, Wendy was always asked by the interviewer to talk about some story about the weight-loss journey she had been on.

One of the interviews she did Wendy stated in one of her interviews “I have done lots of work. I am aware that losing weight isn’t a simple task. However, I needed to get it done because I had so many other things I needed to accomplish too.”

You’ll be amazed to learn that Wendy was able to lose weight just 2 hours per day. This was achieved within just 6 months.

In the short four months, Wendy was a gruelling workout and adhered to a meticulous diet program, which the day. What was her exercise routine and diet plan? Let’s discover.

Shon Seung-wan aka Wendy Weight Loss: Diet Plan

If Wendy asked questions about her diet plans during an interview (which was the top question from her followers) Wendy mentioned her diet program.


Breakfast, members of the Red Velvet member would drink the juice of fresh fruits , rather than coffee or tea. Wendy said she’d drink the juice of a lettuce with an apple.

When interviewed, the interviewer asked Wendy what she would like to eat for her lunch break, Wendy said that ” I like pumpkin juice at the lunch time.” Being being a South Korean, Wendy also enjoys rice. So, her lunch will also include some rice.

The reports say that Wendy had dinner for quite a while. She continued to eat that way until she noticed some noticeable changes within her body.

I wouldn’t recommend any Wendy’s diet plan. Because it doesn’t cover the amount of calories the adult woman requires.

Wendy herself adheres to the diet plan for only two to three months. Because her schedule was hectic, she needed to change her appearance quickly.

Taking a slower but healthy diet will benefit your overall health if you’re not a performer and don’t have to change your appearance to match your bandmates.

When the term ” diet” is mentioned , many people interpret it as ” stop eating” which is not a good idea.

The body requires daily calories, which are for men weighing 2500 pounds and women weighing 2000. We should at a minimum be able to meet the calories. We shouldn’t cut down on eating, but we must stop eating junk food and fast food. Healthy food is essential for a healthy and fit body.

Shon Seung-wan aka Wendy Weight Loss: Workout Routine

Wendy was more strict with exercise than on diets. After a full day at work Wendy would jump over the rob 10,000 times to digest the food she had eaten throughout the day.

Yes, I did say she was more strict with her training. This was a huge reward. After the exhausting jump, Wendy would practice dancing for an hour.

The red velvet star went to a gym where she worked out for two hours daily. Wendy also took a lot of walking.

It appears that her effort paid off. After this kind of dedication, you managed to shed weight in only four months.

What Weight Has Wendy Lost?

Wendy lost 15 pounds in a relatively short time thanks to her rigorous workout routine. She showed that all you require is determination and discipline. With the amount of consideration Wendy gave her, she deserved that change and received it.

How Is Wendy Right Now?

The radical transformation in her body, Wendy transformed her body forever. Wendy is back on screen right now. With a slimmer and more toned body.

She has stopped following the strict diet and workout program. However, she is more cautious about the food she consumes daily. Wendy does not eat junk food, and she avoids traditional foods in South Korea.

Shon Seung-wan aka Wendy Weight Loss: Before And After Photo

Wendy Red Velvet Weight Loss Before And After

As we mentioned previously, Wendy was a weight-loss sufferer throughout her childhood. Wendy was struggling with this issue since childhood.

But, when she decided to pursue the career in music, it is a more serious issue. It’s also the reason Wendy had the obligation to address it.

The photos show the what the difference is. Before beginning the weight-loss journey Wendy was weighing around 62 kilograms. But, after altering her routine for her morning, Wendy lost 15 KGs. She weighs now 46 kgs.

Early Life

Wendy is a native of Seongbuk the city of Seoul in South Korea. She was a lover of music. Wendy told me that her goal was to become a professional singer at six years old. Wendy traveled to Canada at the age of 5 years old to study in Canada.

Her studies continued at America. United States as well. She changed her name to Wendy Shon, the English spelling, Wendy Shon. When she returned to Canada to further her studies, Wendy attended Richmond Hill High School in Ontario.

As Wendy began high school, Wendy began contemplating her childhood dreams. She began practicing her music. But, her parents were not pleased with her decision.

They urged her to pursue her studies further and obtain a professional qualification. However, given Wendy’s love for music and passion for her goal the parents finally backed aside and let her follow her dreams.

Wendy first applied for an audition to Koreaboo’s Global Auditions in 2011. The audition did not go through to the finals, however.

Yet, Wendy did not stop at that point, she continued to apply for. On 1 August August 2014 was an official member of Red Velvet. This was her debut on the band’s official website.

Wendy gained quite a bit of fame after remaining with the group. She also collaborated with other artists during the time.

In January 2021 Wendy was back on the show after two weeks. Her fans were pleasantly surprised. She was a co-host on Mysterious Record Shop.


Wendy’s story is an source of inspiration for us. Not just in weight loss, but also any challenge we encounter.

It should be noted that this method, Wendy followed was in the end not safe. Not eating dinner before performing this workout gruelingly could harm our health.

But, what we could take from Wendy is her determination and perseverance. She determined the weight loss would be her sole goal for the coming months and achieved it.

Wendy was also a consistent worker. She never missed any day of her routine. Wendy has changed her approach of living for the better shortly. We wish her to remains healthy as she is at the moment.


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