Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery: The Truth Behind Flawless Skin

Im Soo Hyang has kept her secrets from the public whether she’s had plastic surgery, despite the Im Soo Hyang plastic surgery speculations. When comparing her before and after photos, she appears to have had an eyelid procedure, and the nose was reshaped.

Im Soo Hyang, famous for the series My ID is Gangnam Beauty on Netflix; I am a South Korean actress. She gained notoriety after playing the role of a proud dancer from the lower middle-class Dan Sa-ran on the TV show”New Tales” Gisaeng and also a calculated step-daughter of a high official in the show Inspiring Generation.

Her popularity in recognition and appreciation for her performance in the romantic comedy Gangnam Beauty and the hit thriller Graceful Family.

The Im Soo Hyang Plastic Surgery: What’s The Tea?

Well, Kang Mi-Rae did. You’ve heard of Kang Mi-Rae. Her character was that is played by Im Soo Hyang ( @hellopapa11) in Gangnam Beauty. Kang Mi-Rae plays a girl who has given her entire life to her appearance and what is considered ugly by her peers.

As per society’s perception of her beauty, or the lack of it, Im Soo Hyang is subjected to being bullied, insulted and slammed, and criticized for something she has no control over. Therefore, she is incarcerated by her fears and discontent, which has reduced her self-esteem, self-love, and self-esteem to the point of being nothing.

Absolutely, it’s not the most ideal method of living, and Im Soo Hyang isn’t happy about it. To relive her college life, she undergoes plastic surgery that removes all the ‘ugliness’ from her. However, it comes back to bite her when the pressure to be gorgeous gets to her, and then her surgery is discovered, and people scold her this time over her fake beauty.

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Im Soo Hyang for her performance as Kang Mi-Rae (which is a portrayal of thousands of South Koreans who are limited in their lives because they have to live up to the strict beauty standards they are unable to attain) In Gangnam Beauty, which was highly praised for asking questions about the importance that society puts on appearances and on the meaning behind beauty and happiness. It also earned her the Top Excellence Award and Best Actress in a Drama at the 26th Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards in 2018.

But I digress. Did Im Soo Hyang undergo cosmetic surgery, or are they entirely natural? If she’s had plastic surgery, she’s not the only person who would be hesitant about it and be honest about it, considering that she’s been a character in the show that tries to discredit the idea of plastic surgery.

However, Im Soo Hyang has not spoken about her plastic surgery publicly. She hasn’t even mentioned the concerns about getting cosmetic surgery.

It’s not like the public is entitled to every single detail of how she does in her appearance because she was a part of a woman who had the procedure; however, the fact that she isn’t speaking out about it doesn’t mean it stops doubts and stops the curiosity over whether her looks have been made up to impress the eyes of the public.

Therefore, it’s up to us to look at her images at various moments to determine whether Im Soo Hyang is using the help of plastic surgery even though we’re not experts. I think everything is fair if we add an exclusion clause over it.

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Let’s first take an eye examination because it’s extremely widespread to see them in South Korea to get their eyes altered surgically for cosmetic reasons like to create double eyelids (The majority of people living in South Korea have either small eyelids or eyes with a monolid and their standard of beauty for eyes with a double lid).

It is apparent that the beauty standard she was unable to meet in the eye department; like many South Koreans, Im Soo Hyang has overcome the issue with surgical procedures. Her previous appearance was one-lid, but today she doesn’t. Eyelid surgery can’t be excluded.

Then, just below it, the nose. A slim, straight, and narrow nose is thought to be attractive. Any less, your nose will be a source of ridicule in the fashion department.

Im Soo Hyang was one of the owners of a broad and flat nose with bulbous tips that she may not have been extremely fond of as it seems that she has shed the broad nose and swapped it for a more narrow and thinner one, just as everyone else wants.

The size of her nose than prior. The bridge of her nose appears sleeker and more refined, and her nose’s tip is also sharp. A nose job is especially prominent on her face.

In terms of her lips, Soo Hyang has always been a full-faced woman, so lip fillers, the most commonly used lip enhancement, can be eliminated. The change in her face is evident in this image comparison that shows her side-by-side.

Some believe she’s also got a boob job. However, it’s hard to tell since she doesn’t wear unrevealing clothes. This could be the result of a bra with a push-up strap.

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